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Recent content by SpinyShell

  1. SpinyShell

    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    I am unable to access the history and talk pages for many different pages because the tabs for them aren't appearing (see image below). I've even tried clicking in the spaces where they're supposed to be, but nothing happens.
  2. SpinyShell

    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Girafarig. I think its design is less awkward and more interesting than Drampa's. Horsea or Skrelp?
  3. SpinyShell

    This or That! (Pokemon)

    This is a pretty hard choice because I feel pretty much the same about both them and their evolutions. Neutral. However, I'd think I'd go with Feebas just because it's not a Kanto Pokémon and not part of any worn-out memes (that I know of). Galarian Moltres or Honchkrow?
  4. SpinyShell

    Your controversial opinions

    I like Coalossal's design and prefer it over the numerous train-like fan alternatives. I'm uncertain exactly how controversial this is, but I have seen several people express their dislike for the design. I've heard a couple complaints about how Coalossal is uncreative, which I do understand...
  5. SpinyShell

    The Chibi-style of the game. Like or Hate

    Er, I don't think GameFreak is making this game.
  6. SpinyShell

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Dragapult is a really unique and creative idea, but unfortunately the design just doesn't click with me all the way. There's just a few design quirks that I'm just not keen on, such as the connection between its tail and body. One of my favorite Kanto Pokémon, and my favorite Mega. It has that...
  7. SpinyShell

    What's Your Typing Speed?

    Also on 10 Fast Fingers, I got 108 WPM with 98.9% accuracy.
  8. SpinyShell

    Does Anyone Want To Trade A Minun For A Plusle (or other Pokémon - including Chikorita egg)?

    I'm uncertain about its status, but if you're looking for a quick trade then I recommend you use the GTS. It's in the second PSS menu: Put a somewhat-rare Pokémon up on the GTS for trade, such as a version exclusive, and you will probably receive your desired Pokémon in a day or two, or even...
  9. SpinyShell

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

    9/10 The image is overall a little dark, but its still nice to look at. It has a sort of comic book-like feel to it, in my opinion. I think you have your threads mixed. This one is for the user's image, not the usertitle.
  10. SpinyShell

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Roggenrola has a pretty interesting and unique design, in my opinion; it's basically just a rock ear. It also has a cool sounding cry as well. Geodude
  11. SpinyShell

    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Abra line. It's less humanoid, and less saturated. Quagsire or Gastrodon?
  12. SpinyShell

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

    9.5/10 I really like the positioning of the Rhydon--it looks like its standing on the ridge rather than floating with a mountain background--and the vibrate colors of the avatar. The decision to use DreamWorld artwork was a good choice in my opinion because the black lines help make it standout...
  13. SpinyShell

    Event Fizzy Fright Fest!

    Thanks everyone. This was really fun and it was super cool to see all the fantastic entries. I will be exchanging my 35 coupons for: 5 Mysterious Gummis (15 tickets) 5 Rare Candies (5 tickets) 2 Custom Pokeballs - Psychic and Flying (10 tickets) 5 Yummi Gummis (5 tickets) Record Keeping...
  14. SpinyShell

    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Chewtle line. While Chewtle is quite ugly in my opinion, Drednaw is my favorite out of both Blastoise and Carracosta. Oddish line or Bellsprout line?
  15. SpinyShell

    Post an image of the above Pokémon!!