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  • Hey, just a heads-up- on your Fizzy Bubbles registration, you're gonna have to pick a different starter- the rules list certain Pokémon considered too rare to be allowed as starters, and Zorua is one of them.
    Hi, there. I saw that it was finished. I'm glad that you used a mention because I probably wouldn't have seen it right away, since you posted the beginning lines so long ago. I started my uni semester a few days ago and have had some papers/stories due for that, so that's why there's been a delay. I also have 5 other active runs to post for. Some of them posted before you did, so usually they would be first, but since yours will likely be an easy post, it may get moved up. However, I can't work on them until I get these uni things done. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Hah, yea thanks, it was a gift and it turned out to be pretty useful the other day in a battle where we rolled for random Pokemon from our stats.
    I'll definitely tag you--that's my usual course of action. Regardless, I think you'll have a good time. Just be sure to ask me any questions you have or if you'd like a certain thing to happen in the Roleplay. I also just re-did the Park Encyclopedia, which has some useful info too. If you read the old version, it has a lot of the same info but some added stuff as well.
    Okay, that's totally fine! I'll get your rolls done shortly and a thread up after that, my shaky internet providing. Just keep in mind that you might not get through all encounters--but that's okay, since you only have two Parkballs anyway. There's some good stuff in the area you picked.
    all the rangers are excellent ^^ once you're been approved, you're going to have a wonderful time! And absolutely! I'll go set up a thread now!

    OOOOOH what's Steven Eight like?! :D
    YASSSSS! I hope you get one asap!! What other Pokemon are you looking at getting in the URPG? ;D Just out of curiosity! I'm so happy you're going to the park! It may seem a little pricey at first, but it's so well worth it and you will make all that money back and x100 times more. How do you like the park so far?

    Also, would you like to battle? :D We can do so on forums or AIM/Skype! What a fine way to earn some money!
    awwwh I'm so happy to hear that!! :) We're happy that you're here! and thank you so much! Do you like Mega Sableye?
    Your additional details on your Park sign-up look great! If you like, you can just edit extra information into your first post too. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to let me or one of the other Rangers know!
    Heya there, and belated WELCOME TO THE URPG!~ <3 Hope you're having a lot of fun so far! Please feel free to PM/IM/VM me at any point if you need help or just want to talk!
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