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  • About the Pachirisu, you're welcome. :D

    Don't worry about it, Beans is adorable. Someone I follow on Tumblr has a Reuniclus named Beans too, so... I guess it's a common nickname. Did you get the Solosis you wanted?
    I had to leave the wi-fi club, since my DS was about to die. Are you going to be able to trade tonight or Sunday? I can't tomorrow, since I have a project to finish and a final thanksgiving feast to attend.
    If you get on, I free to trade for about an hour. After that, I'll be out for around 3 hours (until 4 to 4:30ish), so I can trade then too.
    Will you be free a little later? I had an early dinner and I've now been instructed to follow my brother for the next 30 minutes or so to see if he goes where he says he is. (bahhh trust issues and it's only the first week of his summer)
    Sounds like a plan! I'd say I could give you it now, but I've been sleeping on and off since 7, so I'm not sure I'll be awake in 5-10 minutes, lol.
    I don't want to imagine that. lol, I think the same thing when my cousins text me. I'm about to reply :D
    No you aren't! I was convinced the same thing would happen. In generation 3, I kept trying to force Tropius and Skitty to breed because I despeerately wanted them to produce a green cat that resembled skitty with wings like tropius. if only if only. (oh god, can you imagine how awful that would be if you really could?)
    And I just saw your Master Ball thread (I'm going to check my game) but I have a handful of spare Foreign pokemon if you want them.
    lol, this reminds me of the hours I wasted resetting Colosseum for a female Umbreon or Espeon, only to learn after wasting DAYS that both are set as male. (before FR/LG were released and had Ditto's, you know, the dark ages without Eevee)
    Yeah! I went into doing Riolu with the intention of doing all female ones, but I wasn't having any luck so I cracked down and just did males. Then as I did one for myself I got a female, then I got confused and put riolu in the daycare a few more times, and kept getting lucky. And I like your lurking :)
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