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  • Well I can't really help you with getting bored of your own story, can I? What can I say if you just can't be bothered to do it any more? I can say try harder but how much is that going to help?

    Sorry if this sounds harsh but I really can't help you with that.
    I don't know really. Why don't you try writing out a long term plan for your story? That quite often helps - that way you're looking forward to getting to certain parts of the story and it gives your story a new life!
    Now I've read the whole thing! The story's definitely taken a nice route. The deformed Pokemon definitely capture my interest.
    Mmk, I'm having trouble getting your main character right, messy hair being my mortal nemesis on sprites, so would the burnt in the center city with Nuclear Towers in the center and the title be ok? Hell, I've recalled a statement of noone being allowed near the city anyway.
    I have been... well... immersed in FMA. And I won't geet mad, I understand. What do you mean by the whole thing?
    Sorry for disappearing. XD Leah's story's getting awfully suspenseful! You're new one's great, too! n_n
    Hey, I was wondering if you might like a sneak preview of the first chapter of my next series - Dragon Days?
    Ooh, how exciting, I will be sure to read it as soon as I get a chance.
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