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  • I'm a mixture of Japanese, Indian, Caucasian, and African American so I was curious cause' I had heard that the prejudice can be very painful at times. Onsen for example or the whole "Bobby" stereotype.
    I wish you all the best than and have a safe and quick trip.There is no better place than home,at last thats what they say.

    Spoeaking of Japan,i heard alot about this country and i like their culture and history.So how its like there?Hows at work?
    I heard people over there find job being a very important thing to them.In my country most of people are more how to say "easy going" trying to find both time for work and other things.
    Im glad your doing good and hopefully your wish of coming home will become true(keeping fingers crossed).Your working in Japan right?

    About PMs no worry i understand.That happens sometimes to me too.
    Hi been a long time last time i talked with you,how have you been?
    Hope holidays went well for you and i wish you all the best in New Year.

    I tried to send you pm,but i presume you didnt received it.
    Hope you have an awesome Christmas! Maybe Dento will come down your chimney tonight with his helpful elf assistant ;D

    Sailor Stars is definitely my least favorite series... not interesting villians (to me at least) and no Chibiusa/Mamo
    Oh, and wtf at the Starlights changing gender when they transform... (yes, I know they're always females in the manga)
    I watched the first ep of that live action series and I was ready for it to be really ridiculous, but it was actually nice! I might continue watching it soon... I like how it start with Sailor V and that Minako is already a star there (like she wished to be in the anime) and of course I like how they actually look different when they transform
    I might return soon... btw, I thought the ending of SM was bad - I expected more (like seeing previous series characters and stuff) but it felt more like "end of this series evil" rather than "end of the whole show"
    That's...sad =(
    Least they have good dedication/loyalty.

    I think I get what you mean by the certain high school--university connections.

    Seems to be the same here. It's hard to find a job without a college degree though.

    Thanks for explaining all of that to me =)
    How's housing for you over there?
    Seems like most language classes in schools do that.

    Very true. Their system has a plus in that the kids really get to know the subjects well and are very dedicated, but it comes at the cost of their childhood freedom it seems =/ (do they have half days on Saturdays?) It seems pretty rigid too in terms of advancement. To get into the best college there (Tokyo University?), you have to be in the best high school. To do that, you need to be in the best elementary/middle school, and to get there you need to send your kid to the best preschool. Er, at least I think that's how it goes.
    Very impressive. So you have a job like Dogasu's then (I think, not quite sure what position he has at the school he teaches at.) What's it like being a teacher over there? Do you like the school system they have?
    What do you do for a living, if you don't mind my asking? I imagine you work with other English speakers, or at least have a translator. Otherwise it would be a bit confusing for you xD

    That could be it.
    Same. I know the majority of the kana, but only 2 or 3 kanji characters. Can't speak it to save my life. How long are you over there for?

    I think it was the design that threw me off. It just looks like you go in a circle (Yes, I know that happened in previous games too, but this one is literally a circle. Er, an oval.) True, you do tend to backtrack a bit in them, both for story purposes and for getting items you couldn't get before.
    Never played a Zelda game on the N64 or NGC, so I can't comment on the controls for it.

    If it is region-restricted I won't really care, since I never import games anyways. Oooh I thought you were too busy with work and whatnot to have time to get a Wii, nvm then lol.

    Do you speak Japanese? Or were you one of the many non-speakers who just couldn't wait until spring to get your hands on it? I think they have a help thread in the Current Event section for it. Can you tell me how the set-up is for the region. From the pictures I've seen it seems pretty small, so I imagine you do a lot of backtracking.
    I can understand why. I still have a bit of freetime because I'm not in college atm and am working part-time, but I imagine your life is a lot more busy/hectic.

    *is getting the 3DS along with like 7 games when they hit US shores come March* Or, that's the plan anyway. Depends on how life's going at the time. O.O They had OoT on the GC!? I had no idea.
    I don't know if you call that ironic, but it is rather funny xD I'm so happy they're remaking OoT for the 3DS, I'll finally be able to play it <3 My cousin showed it to me when I was little, but the zombies that came out at night scared me, so I never wanted to play it with her. Are you getting the remake and/or Skyward Sword?
    Ooooo all the way back from the old school days? I just got into Zelda when Twilight Princess came out.

    *is a Link fan as well*
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