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Recent content by SSJ_Jup81

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    Anyone a fan of Japanese Cuisine?

    I like quite a few dishes, but the only Japanese dishes I have prepared on my own are yakitori, onigiri, okonomiyaki (once stateside), onigiri, and sukiyaki. Anywho, here are some Japanese dishes I really like... Sukiyaki Imoni (this is a regional dish, though, for the area I live in) Natto...
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    Japan Holidays

    You're right, although I've heard folks say homemade as well here. *adds info*
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    Japan Holidays

    It’s been a while since I’ve actively been around and a lot of stuff has happened since then offline which included a nearly 7 week hospital stay and some work-related issues, and I’m sorry for that. That aside, I decided to start a thread about Japanese holidays. I’m a bit late for January...
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    What was your entry point (into the east)?

    Back in the mid-80s,when I was about six, I was watching television with my father. We were watching VH1...you know, when it used to play music videos like MTV. Anyway, a music video played. It was a Japanese video and the woman was dancing with fans dressed in a kimono and the music was very...
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    The Japanese Language Help Thread

    Slightly off topic, and probably better suited for the culture thread, but it seems that the Japanese government wants English taught as early as 3rd grade in elementary school. Seems Japan wants to get ready for the 2020 Olympic visitors. Nice ideal....but they still need to fix their broken...
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    Reccomend an Anime to me?

    The majority of the shows you mentioned I've never seen or never heard of so I hope my suggestions can be a bit valid. If you don't mind RPGs or series based on them I recommend the Tales series, like Tales of Symphonia. Hm, or maybe the .hack series. Since you like random stuff, how about...
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    Worst anime you've ever seen?

    Ironically, I liked Sonic X and didn't have a problem with Chris' character until season 2. His presence felt forced and unnecessary. Not sure about season 3 as I've never seen it. Let's see, anime series I would consider the worst... Super Street Fighter IV Kanon (the original series. I...
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    The Japanese Culture Thread

    I can't say much for mixed baths, as I've never done one, but I'll try to be helpful here. I think with mixed onsen, they can remain wearing towels....but I could be wrong in this regard. Some onsen do have certain rules you must follow, like for instance, before entering the water, you must...
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    The Japanese Language Help Thread

    Memorization is probably the best way or constantly writing them until it's burned into memory or using flashcards.
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    Best/Worst Cliches/Tropes in Anime

    I actually find this one funny, given the fact that we have series where characters are walking around with pink and blue hair. lol That aside, yeah, I don't think I've ever seen a natural blonde Japanese either...light hair maybe if mixed, but not blonde unless it was dyed. There is one...
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    Kishimoto: Naruto is reaching its climax

    I guess I can't see her as being useless like any character in any story. If said character plays a role, whether it be big or small, it's not insignificant. Well that's always been my view anyway. I've always felt that Sakura was a good supportive character.
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    Kishimoto: Naruto is reaching its climax

    Why do people say Sakura is useless? She's more of a support character I thought given her medic abilities.
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    Kishimoto: Naruto is reaching its climax

    Geez I wish Naruto would hurry up and end and I wish Hunter x Hunter would hurry up and come out of hiatus. How much longer until we reach the point of Naruto?
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    Fanservice and Ecchi: Too much?

    I like Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian too, but I don't favor him. Yup, he is fan service and having gone to a REAL butler cafe and how it was interesting how they were...wait where was I going with this...oh yeah good looking butlers. *_* lol That aside, I can tolerate fan service if it doesn't...
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    Best/Worst Cliches/Tropes in Anime

    That's true, but the mentality does still exist to a point. Ironically, I was just having a discussion about this and the ideal age for marriage given was about 25. Yes, men and women are marrying later but seems it looks odd if you're over the age of 30. There are also many people who aren't...