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  • Hello to you too, new fraaaaaaand. :O

    No, thank you for accepting it. :D

    I'm just eatin' some shepard's pie, listening to some Drum & Bass and playing some guitar. You? :O
    Yeah, I have school tomorrow as well :/

    It does suck! We shouldn't have to make up for anything, since it wasn't our fault :p
    I don't think Canada have MLK day... ^^;;
    Thank You! I couldn't go to school again but after sleeping for over 12 hours, I feel lot better! ^^
    wow, really? I barely gets 70% on Math. ;w; wow 98% in English, you must be really good at studying! ☆(≧ω≦)
    Aww... Researching is never fun! DX Good luck with your research papers! >w<
    How many days off have you gotten so far? If I get more than 3 snow days, then my school has to make up those days in the summer D:
    Yes, we do have school tomorrow in Canada but I don't know if I can go tomorrow or not...
    My throat really hurt(oh no T_T)... But I'm going to really try to go because I miss all weeks of school already. ;w;
    Really? I say Math is my worst & least subject! XD
    wow 91% in social, that's awesome!! I think I got like 78% from Social! ^^
    How funny(ish curious)? =3
    Haha, I guess, 78% is C but it's almost B so yeah! XD
    English really isn't my favorite subject(even though class was fun) but I did get 81%(yay B) from it and I still don't know how did that happened!! <3
    Wow, it's kind of weird how some people are so used to snow, while others are so new to it :p I wish I could get school off every time it snowed xD

    Cool! I've never been to Germany, but I've been to England and France.

    Hmm... I'm not exactly sure, but we got at least 6 inches.
    Haha, it makes sense. Do you have to go to school starting tomorrow?
    Science is pretty fun, though I like Social Studies too.
    Which is your favorite subject? I guess mine would be Social Studies! ^^
    So that means... You're basically stuck inside your home...
    I don't know if it's good thing or a bad thing... ^^;;
    Today mark as my 5th day of absent from school meaning I missed whole week of school T_T
    Aww Thank You so much Blaze Judgement! I hope so too! ^^
    I guess in states you guys have finals month earlier than us, which is pretty awesome because you can start new course in January! <3
    wow awesome! where are you from anyway?
    I haven't been to school all week because I'm sick ;w;
    ...And finals just 2 weeks away too... ><;;
    Thanks for the friend invite! You are the first friend I made here in this forum! ^^
    Yeah I love Clannad very very much, Let's be good friend! ^^
    P.S. Sorry for the late reply, I couldn't leave VM messege until I had 10 posts. @[email protected]
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