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  • Yikes .x. This is unfortunate, well... If it had to come down to it, no choice but to do it. Good luck and hope things start looking up for ya D: Also hope you'll find a better way to manage activities and school work.
    Oof, sorry for the late reply, the forum update really killed my motivation to log on here. orz

    Yeah...I was fine with Synchros, and I love Xyz, but Pendulums have been just ruining the game lately. I can't stand them. ><;
    Anywho, not sure when it'll get online again so here...
    >Also I noticed you haven't put the effect categories on a lot of the cards following Senketsu. Gamagoori seems really powerful, I worry if he'd be viewed as too strong of a shield or in a good spot. As for Absolute Submission, I was thinking something that's a trap that has something to do with your Tokens. Either... Take control, of an opponents monster and have them be treated as a Token, but you must meet a requirement or pay a cost in order to; Adjust the opponent's monster battle position, stats, or whatever and the amount you can affect by this is equal to the number of tokens you control.
    Ah, good point. I try to not run that many floodgates tho, personally. Like, you'll prolly never see me with Vanity's ^^;
    Yeah...though they were really annoying at that niche, lol.
    Hmm yeah...kinda sad that you need to resort to cards like that just to counter them tho. u.u
    That's true...it almost makes me think they're the new Evilswarms or something. Oh dear.

    Ah yes, Nekroz...how I despise that deck...
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