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  • I figured that the Western Nations would probably be looking for some way to use Chakra to power their weapons. Potentially a super weapon, or some kind of Mecha.
    No worries! I'm actually still laying out the basic groundwork for it. A few ideas I have for now are;

    Typical Western Nations, more technologically advanced but lacking chakra, trying to conquer the Elemental Nations.

    A Subset of Root which hid in the Land of Woods shortly after confirming Danzo's death. They want to take back Konoha and place it at the top of the Great Villages.

    Seven badass mercenaries who at the start are just doing their jobs, until a change in...management causes them to want to start a war.

    Of course, with the way Kishi ended the series it's going to be pretty hard work my original ideas in.
    Hey! Don't know if you remember me, but we did a One Piece RP together. I think my username was Madara Uchiha back then. I'm thinking of creating a Next Gen Naruto RP, and I just want to know if you might be interested.
    All good then~ Gatta get that paycheck~ Lol
    So considering your online now? Lets battle?
    Not bad at all then~ I'll be up for a few more hours~ Think you can make it till then?
    I suppose that's what happens when you bring a team of non-Ubers to an Ubers tourney. Anyway, good luck in round 3.
    Thanks for the confirmation, I just wanted to know wether all that breeding was a waste or not. :)

    Anyway, since you're on how 'bout a battle now?
    Well, I will be going to the local League here but I'll likely be online around midnight to 2:00 PM EST time if I'm not battled out for the day.

    Also, can I have a confirmation as to wether or not we will be switching types for the next BBL season I don't really care wether you're taking Fairy, a different type or sticking with Fire, I just want to know if I'm going to be Fire of Fairy next season.
    Uh, given that we weren't online the same time yesterday I really think we should arrange a time (prefferbly EST.)
    It seems that X Dragoon's Ubers tourny is still going and we're up against each other in round 2... so, when shall we do battle?
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