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  • I love the "I can't let you do that Dustox!" It's Hilarious! I wish you were my friend, none of my other friends get it when i say do a barrel roll.....
    Its boob week.

    But yeah, people often comment about May having unusually large breasts for her age, which shouldn't be a problem really. I though what better way to take part in boob week than by using an avatar of May with large breasts.
    That barely counts though, because the other Rotom forms are Electric/other type. It's not a pure Ele/Grass, its a dual typed electric type that, under the right circumstances, can be part Grass.

    I want a real Electric/Grass type.
    I guess you and I will disagree on that. I don't dislike monotypes. In fact, I think there aren't nearly enough, there should have been more... just not Serperior and Samurott.
    Meh. I don't mind monotypes at all and while I like dualtypes, I don't want to get saturated, so I'd rather they didn't make every generation after gen IV have all dualtype starters, its one thing that I like about gen V. What I don't like is who they chose to be the monotypes (water and grass, both of which already had two monotypes) and that the fire type didn't even have an original type combo for a starter.

    And wasn't Quetzacoatl (sp?) depicted as a bird sometimes? They could have given Serperior some impressive wings and made it Grass/Flying (poor Tropius and Jumpluff would get even more overshadowed though.... oh well, ya win some, ya lose some.)
    I don't think any Starter should be part Dragon. Dragon types are supposed to be elite Pokemon that are hard to catch and raise (this holds true even for Altaria.) Giving one to any random ten year old that sayas 'pretty please' is not something I am fond of.

    As for Johto, I didn't really mind that they were all mono-types. In fact, I kinda liked it. I wouldn't want another generation with all mono-types, mind you, but I thought Johto was okay. However, I also don't want every single starter out there to be dual-typed either. It gets old after a while. Besides, where do we get the idea that it's gonna be that way anyway? The only gen so far that has had all dual types has been Gen IV. Honestly, I'm fine with a 2:1 ratio.
    I wouldn't so much mind it if Emboar had been pure Fire. The only pure Fire Starter we have so far is Typhlosion as opposed to the two pure Grass and pure Water Starters. Emboar being pure Fire would have evened things out. I agree Samurott should have been part fighting. Serperior doesn't resemble a dragon at all, IMO. She should have been Grass/something else (I can't think of a good type right now.)
    I kinda wanted Serperior to be Grass/Steel, but we got Ferrothorn but I'm not complaining. Honestly though, I think all the Unova Starters got cheated in their final typing. Pure Grass and pure Water? Really? Yet another Fire/Fighting? Again? Really? They could have done such a much better job.
    Yep. If they give Grass/Dragon to next Gen's Legendary or pseudo legendary I'll be forever happy. I accept nothing less than that.
    Then what are they waiting for? Ghost, Fire and Dragon are possibly the best combinations for Grass types there is (along with Water and Steel.) They need to make them, stat. Also, there's no Grass Electric either.
    Furthermore, it would be super effective against Grass, Water, Ice, Ground, Rock, Steel and Bug. That's seven types! And it would hit Normal, Electric, Flying, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Fighting and Poison neutrally. Its resistances would include Grass (x4,) Electric and Steel. It would be a fantastic type combo (and yes, a Jack-o-lantern sounds like the obvious choice, though it could also be a viable Grass/Ghost.) I'm also waiting for the day we'll get a (legendary) Grass/Dragon.
    My love for Grass trumps my dislike for Fire (really, I don't despise the type. My second favorite Pokemon, Houndour, is part Fire. I also like Vulpix, Growlithe, Torchic and Cyndaquil but that's it for my list of Fire types. Every other one can go to hell. Maybe I'll change my mind about a few when I finish Black) so personally, I'm sure I'd love it. The type combination has a lot of potential too because both types have great synergy with each other. Grass ressits Water and Ground type moves (removing those weaknesess from the Pokemon) and hits all of Fire's weaknesess for super-effective damage. Fire resists Fire, Ice and Bug, leaving only Flying and Poison as weaknesess. Offensively, Fire/Grass covers every type except Fire and Dragon (and Fire/Steels like Heatran) so they have great neutral coverage together. It sounds like a fantastic type combination to me.
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