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    The Bulbagarden Staff
    Yeah I do fan art. Sorry for the really, really late reply. Homework and stuff XD If you look at my deviantart page from my signature, you will see some fan art made by me like this one XD Also the deviantID picture from my profile is the real me ;>
    It comes from this Let's Play. The crazy Totodile is ditched for Yippy the Wooper because it's cuter. (Personally I think Totodile is adorable, but the plot calls for it to be an ax-crazy murderer.)
    Working, videogames, coming on here/other websites and volunteering.
    No idea. I'm just getting my basics out of the way for now.
    It's not ugly, it's cute in a derpy way. :p
    Perhaps I should take back my compliment then. :p
    I am finished with required schooling, but I'm in college now.

    That sucks. Sometimes it doesn't show animations for me either. Still cute though.
    Yeah I changed mine. Different picture of the same guy.
    We have GPAs and AP (advanced placement) classes you can take if you choose to. If you do well in them you might be able to skip a few classes in college. (Not sure if that's exactly what you're referring to, but they seem similar.)
    He surely will~
    It's nice to try something new every now and then. It worked out for you that time, so it was worth trying it out.

    I see. So then how many classes do you have?
    There are a lot more that I like, but I couldn't figure out how they would fit in there.
    B-but he is so fabulous~ D:
    I like it more than I originally did, but not as much as those other choices. Could change when it's animated on the show. Maybe it';ll be on my team in Grey, or more likely than not my little sister will end up having one on "our" team.
    That's a nice name. Will it be bringing love to all those around it?

    Way to do the opposite of what you're told. xD Why couldn't you do both?
    I wholeheartedly agree with you there. This gen might have even more Mons I like than the previous one.
    And these games have Dento, how can they not be awesome?
    Did you beat the main game/plot and are just doing sidequests,extra stuff?

    You have Japanese classes? Lucky, wish they had those in my high school when I was there (think we had Chinese, but I was in Spanish and didn't want to switch.)

    My White Team:
    Candidates for 6th slot:
    Probably gonna go with Bisharp/Kirikizan for the 6th slot, but it could change once I get the game, just like the rest of my team.
    I know of all the Mons and their supposed English names and some of the characters, but I don't want to spoil the plot, so I've avoiding everything else besides that.
    Did you beat it already? xD
    Couldn't hurt. It's nice to have a back up or three. I know I'm glad I had mine. Without Raikou the set wouldn't be complete.

    That's good it's all over and done with now. Was he trying to fix it when it wasn't broken or something?
    Yeah, I have one on my sis's Pearl and another one on my Diamond, so I'm covered. Plus I'm getting three Entei, Suicune, Celebi, and maybe Pikachu.

    'cause of a virus?
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