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Stella Vermillion

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  • Eh, I guess it can't really be helped... *Goes back to waiting for some other time when we're both free and have working internet*

    Although, I am going to have a few Pokémon battles with someone right now... Try again in however long they take if you're still online maybe.
    Ah. Gggggggrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttttt.......

    I guess we'll have to put this off 'till another time then... *Waits*
    *Tests to see if I can connect* *Connects without error*

    ...I think the problem may be on your end unfortunately. Though you could try replicating the fault since it could just be a temporary interweb glitch or something I don't know.
    Considering I read that VM of yours 6 minutes late, the room's probably already made though make one if you haven't already.
    I take it that, since you asked that question, you are currently able to do so as well? Because if that's the case... Why not, I'm up for it.
    You should try Borderlands sometime. Hours upon hours of side-content in that game.
    Hmmm let's see -w- I listen to most but between my favorites it's alternative rock and most metal styles xD you?
    I'm surprised all of that actually fit in a Visitor Message. There's a maximum character limit for Visitor Messages, I think it's around 1000 to 2000 Characters? I'm not sure. However, if I do reply to this in a VM then my reply will most likely not fit, so I'll just send it to you in a PM. lol
    Well, I am prat Psychic after all. :D

    Seriously though... I am glad that our tastes coincide then. Or somethig like that.
    Maybe. Maybe I'm just too lazy to think of anything related to that last conversation topic. :D

    So... Monsters or something else, your call.
    Eh, I'm not really a fan of the slow weapons like the C. Blade or Greatsword... They're just not my thing, at least in this type of game appart from the Long Sword obviously. Though I am glad we share a common interest in the Glaive.

    Now, since I can't really think of anything else weapon-related to talk about, how 'bout we move this conversation on to monsters or something else entirely?
    It's okay. The singing was a bit unexpected at first, but it isn't too distracting or anything. The guys seem stereotypical and predictable, but the plot seems interesting enough. I like the girl, though XD
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