• Magnificent Entertainer heads toward Hearthome City and befriends the Berry Master. Watch here as his berry powers grow immensely.
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  • Hey Stencil, if you want to. I have an Academy RP that could use a few more players.
    ok, well, tomorrow as majority vote seems to be winning will put a new thread up.

    gonna have it so everyone meets oneanother, they can explore the school. will have gengar do recon and NOT get caught and report back, (that was where a lot of the problems began after someone decided to godmod) all we need now is for transform and dermodio to vote.
    I was expecting it to come to this. Go ahead, I think it's the best thing to do at this point.
    hi, I am going to be putting this to everyone in the rpg, but do you think I should start the thread again?.

    have it so everyone has met one another so far, get rid of the darkrai thing, (that got WAY out of hand, my fault I know)
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