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  • To be honest, I would probably give someone a warning before removing their fic from the list. I don't want to remove people from the thread, but I want the thread to actually work.

    Also, a fic just being removed doesn't equal being banned from the thread. If someone is removed and feels they want to take it seriously, I'll put them back on.

    Anyway, thanks for your concerns, I'll be sure to bear this in mind.
    Well, the only reason a fic would be removed from the list is if the writer is repeatedly offered review exchanges which they make no reply to, so they'd have plenty of notifications of that happening. (Users are supposed to tag someone they want to make a deal with.)

    You do, however, raise a good point. I don't imagine anyone but me will be removing fics, so I'll be sure to tag a user when removing a fic. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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