• Magnificent Entertainer gets lost in the Wayward Cave. Watch here as he stumbles around like a goofball.
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  • hey i saw your threathe shiny dratini or dragonair if you get one (Which looking at the pokemon your offering you will) can i have a clone btw your a great friend and you got some replies on the thread :)
    i brought the three pokemon i want cloned so i dont have to leave and come back in im in wi fi btw trading Sam right now and btw if you ever find a shiny dratini or dragonair can i have a clone of it lolz im really searching for one
    Hi, I tried to get ahold of you through pms since I haven't seen you on the wi-fi.
    also you think you can make lets see one clone of lucario one clone of corsola and one clone of darkrai so its six really thankyou feel free to keep a clone if you'd like
    My Apologies, I was actually able to borrow it from someone last night, and I forgot to erase this message. Thank you though for the consideration :)
    Hey. I know this is an odd request, but here it goes. I need to show Oak a Groudon from Soul Silver so I can get the Jade Orb/Rayquaza. Any chance I could borrow your Groudon for like 5 minutes (trade/tradeback)? I'll send over my WIN2011 Suicune as collateral.
    hey stckerbox can you clone some pokes for me later not today and not to rush you but i would like my shiny lucario and corsola cloned
    Yes please :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You sir are a gem :) I will be with you shortly, just need to fiddle with the router.
    Oops, my bad :) Now I am not sure myself lol I think I am trying to revive a trade for WIN2011 Celebi but not doing too well. Is there anything of mine that you would like, I'll trade it to you but could you send a clone of whatever I sent you back to me too?

    If I am not making myself clear at all, how about I just ask for you to clone my Deoxys? I need two clones plus the original sent back please.
    Hi there. I was wondering...it looks like my WIN2011 Celebi trade has fallen through :( Were there any of my other event Pokemon that took your interest? I would ask if it were possible to trade and you could give me back the original plus a clone, of course please keep at least one for you :)
    hey stickerbox, can we do the trade back now?? i give you back the rayquaza and you give back the celebi
    oh i see so you'll be 10 hours behind my time. hopefully i'll be able to catch you on here at the right time
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