• Magnificent Entertainer heads toward Hearthome City and befriends the Berry Master. Watch here as his berry powers grow immensely.
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  • *faints*

    how. are you. still alive o_O

    You sir, work bloody hard..... also, invited a few like minded minions to like the comics :3 as they're cool :3
    haha :p it's a mixed bag... some I am actually quite fond of :3 hehe :) It was o_O lol, I am not entirely sure what happened on the second one.... it's a shame.... still.. what exams are you doing? :)
    Sorry for not replying earlier, Mister, but I don't get many opportunities to use the laptop, which means that I can't check my VM's very often :/

    Anyway, I have your Ferroseed ready (but not nicknamed yet. I can't think of a good one >_<) and I can trade in about 6,5 hours from now (cuz I have to leave again soon and won't be available till then)

    I hope to see you then! :)
    excellent :D ooh :p thank you :3 I am under the name Sam Bennett on mine :3 I use it to communicate with my minions/underlings from college and blackmail them into reading my work :3 same with twitter also :3 (under Feyfangirl there) :D ah.. ampiomach, the most insane rpg to have ever graced the forum :3 god I miss it :3
    Aaaand done~ Thanks! ..and let me know if the pokés are right plz, I'm always afraid I can make mistakes ~_~
    haha :D find any good ones lately? :3 I hear that.... it seems no matter how much coursework I get done, more appears... -_- meant to ask, do you do facebook/tumblr/twitter?
    yep also have a few other shinies I started breeding for like the kanto starters basic form caterpie weedle and pidgey. they are all on platinum at the moment and will transfer them when I get the rest needed for your dex. XD
    can trade electabuzz and jynx now till we get the gen IV trade going. I know skittypaws said they didnt have chikorita so I can breed that already on platinum :)
    it was awesome :) got some cool games such as pokemon x, and of course dual destinies :) for my birthday I got harvest moon, animal crossing and the new layton game :3
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