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    GEN VI: Looking for some IV breeding

    Hey hey hey guys! I've got another barrel of breeding requests to go down. As always, I'll give the name of the Pokemon I'd like bred, the IV Spread, the nature, the gender, the ability, the nickname and any egg moves I'd like. In return for all these, I can offer some Hidden Ability Pokemon...
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    Start Ups Bounty Hunters: Brand New Journey

    A figure was sitting down at one table, carelessly slung back in his seat as he casually observed the others in the room. He was curious about the weird dragon mascot thing that was wandering around, but not very much so. Don Fitzpatrick carefully took a sip out of his drink, and continued to...
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    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #4: Laughing Mad (Kanon Shirogane & Mister Insufferable)

    Chesh looked around at the sudden darkness, shaking his head. "Dear oh dear oh dear. Ssssomebody'sss bitther abouth usss being here. Leth'sss proceed." He quickly went over the plan with the goons, pointing at the map he'd drawn with crayons showing the layout of the plant, before rolling it up...
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    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #4: Laughing Mad (Kanon Shirogane & Mister Insufferable)

    The three hindmost goons were caught up in the explosion, knocked flying. Two of them were bashed against a wall, falling like ragdolls to the floor. The last one fell just in front of Chesh, who looked down at him with a bored expression. He bent over and picked his tools up, turning away as he...
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    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #4: Laughing Mad (Kanon Shirogane & Mister Insufferable)

    Chesh walked up to the gates, peering at them inquisitively. "Locked. Well, of coursse it'd be. Right boyss, we're gonna have tha do thisss the hard way." He motioned to the gates with a flick of his wrist and a mook walked forward, carefully holding what looked like a heavily modified water...
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    Sign Ups The Pokemon Island Research Team

    Alright, read over it! Once Flaze signs up I'll review everyone and choose the final 6 roleplayers. If he does not get a sign up in by the end of the week, then I'll do so regardless. Just a reminder, just because you don't get in first try doesn't mean you won't get to play- if somebody else...
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    Insufferable Comics

    The deal is defined and we are treated to pretty glow balls. That's the second time I've had to say that today.
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    GEN VI: LF: A couple of Pokemon to be bred- offering goodies in return!

    That's great, what would you like in Return?
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    Sign Ups The Pokemon Island Research Team

    Selenium; Great Sign Up! Once all the other reserved Sign Ups are filled in I'll post the roleplay and we can get started.
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    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #4: Laughing Mad (Kanon Shirogane & Mister Insufferable)

    It was a quite night. A dark car was driving through the blackness, slowly coming to a halt at the gates of a large factory. The words Carrols Chemical Plant stood out on a sign by the front. A lanky man stepped out from the back seat of the car, standing up and looking around. He was brightly...
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    RM Thread That Must Not Be Named

    Re: Random Messages Issue #11 Or reversing Boobytrap?
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    Sign Ups The Pokemon Island Research Team

    Adan Flyber; Read an approved! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you! Once we have the the sign ups that were asked to be reserved, I'll let everyone know who the 4 player's who've got through to the roleplay itself and get the start up going!
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    Sign Ups ROGUES GALLERY: Season 3 - Superhero Roleplays (Sign-Ups ALWAYS Open)

    As far as I know, I think we're going to be going alone at it.
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    Sign Ups Bounty Hunters: Brand New Journey

    Oh yay, I remember in the good old days seeing this RP and wishing I'd joined, and now I'm getting the chance to! Name: Donovan "Don" Fitzpatrick Gender: Male Age: 16 Orientation: Hetrosexual Appearance: Don stands at 5'11 with azure hair with a cowlick permanently stuck up at his...