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  • youre welcome. i havent played any the last couple of months. i have been updating my comic collection, and just got a ps3. hope you are doing well
    you wont get stab with nightmare, with munnas high sAt i think you may be better off with a stab dream eater, but dream eater and psychic give no coverage.

    if you like try
    calm mind/ charge beam
    do you the tm for psychic? if not you may want to wait til it learns pyschic. moonlight is sub par without sun, so if you do not have a sunny day option on your team, you may want to skip moonlight.

    im not a an of future sight, any dark type can come in and make it useless
    yawn is a good choice, psychic is a great attacking option, calm mind or charge beam can be used, either to raise both specials or for a second attack which also can raise sp At. the last slot can be moonlight if you have sun support, or dream eater. you really dont need both moonlight and dream eater on the same set as both will heal you. moonlight is better than dream eater.
    the sheer power of flamethrower or fire blast will be better for you in the short run and long run.
    Haha yeah it can be pretty nice especially in places that aren't overly populated. We have really nice countryside here in SA especially in winter when everything is green. There's just not much to do in the city, or really the country for that matter but if you want a relaxing holiday it's perfect. :) If you were to come to Australia, I'd recommend the tropical parts like southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. It's like being in the middle of the south pacific but it's safe haha :)
    I'd like to travel to the US once I turn 21 because I'd hate to be legally an adult and then go overseas and be considered a child again. So I probably wont get to go for another few years :(
    Also sorry that I haven't got that Gulpin yet I should get it tonight, I've just been a bit busy :)
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