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  • "Sometimes smogon seems to act like specific movesets are the ONLY way to use a pokemon. That's why I commonly see the same sets copy/pasted across pages on their site."

    Some sets are better than others. If you disagree, try using a Hydreigon with only Tri Attack and Bite. If some sets are better than others, why shouldn't you strive to find the best sets? That's exactly why you don't see a metric ton of sets for Pokemon, they only post the best sets, because why the hell shouldn't they?

    "Please don't EVER mention the scumbags that are smogon around me... I completely despise that site as it is treated like a "high authority" of pokemon and almost everyone follows their rules."

    Because they know what they're talking about. Well, they're not perfect, but so what?
    you know, I don't know if I was right in calling that "spam". But, regardless, I'd rather VM you about this. No offense, but your anti Smogon arguments are quite poor and I might as well see if I can change your mind.

    "Greninja is apparently as good as arceus to them. My lanturn 1-shotted a greninja. Smogon says that lanturn is weak. that is why it is in a low tier."

    Just because both of them are in ubers doesn't mean that they're considered to be as good as each other. Arceus is almost always considered a better Pokemon. And just because Greninja loses to Lanturn doesn't make Greninja bad. Ho-oh loses to Geodude. Are you going to tell me Ho-oh is bad, now?

    "Smogon is a FAN WEBSITE but anyone that I ever see battling online follows their rules! It is so stupid! Playing on their "tiers" limits the pokemon you can use. JUST BATTLE WITH WHATEVER YOU LIKE. They consider certain pokemon to be weak and others to be overpowered, but then I defeat "overpowered" ones with "weak" ones (like my lanturn)."

    I would use aforementioned Geodude as an example, but let's go for variety....hmm. Okay, so Kyogre loses to Ludicolo, yes? According to your logic, that makes Kyogre "bad" since it lost to a low tier Pokemon. And yet, if you were to use Kyogre, you would notice its incredible effectiveness. It's obviously better than most Pokemon, its water attacks hit crazy hard, among other things.

    You clearly don't understand how the tier system works. It's the opposite. If there was only one tier, do you actually think people would use "their favorites"? No. They wouldn't. They would spam all the really good Pokemon -- Garchomp, Xerneas, Mega Metagross, etc. But what if there were a place where you couldn't use these really good Pokemon? That is what the lower tiers are for. You can't use brutes like Garchomp in those tiers, meaning that people are forced to use other Pokemon they wouldn't use otherwise.
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