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May 26, 2018 at 5:26 AM
Oct 9, 2012
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Stratelier was last seen:
May 26, 2018 at 5:26 AM
    1. Tuoko
      Oh wow, that must suck. Luckily I can still name mine "Tuoko".
    2. Tuoko
      I did something like that. Though that was on Serebii Forums and I'm somewhat active on there again.
    3. Tuoko
      I see. The name sounded a bit familiar to yours in my head and I just noticed "Stratelier" was typed on the top left corner of the page right after I asked. I still remember seeing your Mega Absol drawing back during X/Y's pre-release and thinking "Dang, this is so cool!".

      I'm still a bit surprised finding you on here. xD
    4. Tuoko
      I'm curious... Are you Stratadrake from deviantArt? o:
    5. Shenili
      HI. I added your friendcode. Can you add my too? It's in the Signature.
    6. jman21
      Was wondering if I could add your friend code. If I can, I'll send you mine. Ty
    7. Kirby4ever
      Hello, I saw that your friend safari has two Pokemon that I planed to IV breed to form a team in the future. I already added you as a friend, my friend code is-

    8. Time_Erosion
      Hi, would like to add you to friends for Friend Safari

      FC- 2852-8477-5690
      NNID- Who Cares
      IGN- Time
      FS- Normal, Dunsparce, Minccino, Ditto
    9. AbbyMustang
      I would like to add you to my friends

      Here's my friend code :3

    10. mhawk559
      Hi. I added your FC. Mine is 0087-2694-9521.
    11. Sukisu
      I'm online. Just letting you know just in case you can come online soon.
    12. Sukisu
      For me it's usually noon to 3am central time
    13. Sukisu
      Haha I did add myself unfortunately I screwed up on the FC so it's supposed to be 1719-4578-6110 not the one it said.
    14. Sukisu
      Hello my I ask to exchange FCs. I want to get the Meditite and Throh in your Safari. Mine is Dark with Mightyena, Crawdaunt, and Absol. If it's not too much trouble.
    15. The Big Al
      The Big Al
      Hi. Would you like to share 3DS friend codes?
    16. Mr. Diddles
      Mr. Diddles
      Hello, I was wondering If I could add you to my friends list on the 3DS for your safari, I saw your thing on the doc. and a safari with a Tyrogue would be very useful for me.

      If I can please let me know. My friend code is 3754-7345-5247
    17. Zyla
      Thanks for the Pokémon ^^
    18. Zyla
      Great ^^
      I'm ready to trade whenever you are.
    19. Blahmon
      Hmmm, sounds like you're breeding Shinx to death atm xD

      Thank you again for that Riolu ^^ Make sure the replacement dream ball HA Eevee doesn't get lost in bank or in your pc x)
    20. Blahmon
      I can trade in a little bit if you're free
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    Favorite Region:
    Hoenn / Hōen


    Game: "Would you like to give a nickname to the newly hatched [Pokémon]?"
    Trevor: "You want me to nickname someone I just met?! You shouldn't put people on the spot like this!"

    Vivillon Color: High Plains
    XY Friend Safari: Fighting (Meditite, Throh, Tyrogue), 4296-3230-7210 (feel free to add me before asking, it saves time)