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  • Sure, I'll set her aside for you :)

    I don't think we ever traded before so I'll have to add you first xD

    My FC is 5026 - 4731 - 1364 IGN: RiceCakes
    Oh shoot, sorry about that! I went to bed before you VM'd me.

    That's awesome! What would you like in return for her? I have a few 4 IV dream ball HA female Eevees along with some others mentioned in your thread ^^
    Oh you're right, it is. :D I still have one left (Fangs and Double Kick) before I have to breed another set of them, so any time you're ready.
    I think that VM meant to go to someone else? My trade with you is for the Moon Ball Shinx female. :p
    Wow, that wasn't bad at all! When ever I visit the Vivi section they almost all want legendaries and the ones that don't are a patern I already have :/

    I keep all my legends in bank too. I started doing that after I almost got tempted to give away my Keldeo for a shiny female Kabutops! XD It does make it much easier to filter when they're not in the pc.
    That was a good land with that 5 IV male from GTS! I hope you didn't have to cough up a legend for it! Lengends seem to be the wanted poke for everything there ×_×
    Oh, hi there. Sure, I'd like to add you. xD

    Moreover, you own the thread that breeds special balls, right? I was planning to get some, but I don't know what to offer lol
    Sorry I haven't had a chance to get back to you. I'd love to exchange F.C.s with you, if you still want too! If you don't already have it, mine is: 2878-9591-1952.
    hey, just saw in the "do you use the GTS" thread you're looking for a female riolu in a great ball, which i have, in case you're interested
    Noivern "Anju" lv.49
    How'd you get your hands on that so early? (If you're just on Anistar, you're overlevelled.)
    A trade from my friend who wanted a Swirlix.
    Yeah, I noticed I was over leveled, so I skipped a lot of optional trainer battles after that.
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