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  • I admit, having a ten year old write a story like mine is rather unusual. You don't have to read anymore if you don't want to. If you do, I would appreciate if you continued giving me advice and tips in my writing, such as grammar. :)
    Yes. I believe chapter four is the chapter that contains sexual content which is why I labeled it mature.
    I highly advice you not reading any further of my story if you do not like stories which contain sexual content.
    Thanks for messaging me about that.
    I didn't want you to be shocked. :)
    That's a great point. Forums should be about day to day posts. Every other section in bulbagarden is like that to. I like my chapters kinda short for start. My first story will be short but maybe after I cam make longer ones as I review your story. :)
    Ooo, you mean in the story threads. You know, I forgot about this but I linked by chapters in post one so anyone can click a chapter to go to. I suppose OT posts won't bother anything because I linked my chapters. I was being a little bit to unreasoning. Sorry about that. Anyways forget what I said early. I didn't realize their was no harm. You can go ahead and OT post and I will reply. I feel so stupid now lol. :)
    Anyways, let's just talk about our stories for now on instead of this silly topic. PM me or comment on my profile to discuss our stories. Comments like the semicolon thing you can post in my story. I have no problem with that. Thanks. :)
    Well sorry but I don't like little OT posts, at least in my story. I don't support that. All that matters is that you helped me with your advice. I thank you for that. :)
    When you get back online, could you delete the posts on my story that are not related to giving advice to it. I will delete the posts that I replied to you on as well. I'm wanting to clear up space. :)
    Lol, you can steal the thunder. Thanks for the feed back. I did not think all so much about the reader. I should have because when I reread my chapter for a 3rd time without being myself, I saw what you meant.

    Sorry for how short that chapter was. I did not have a lot of thought in that particular chapter.

    I think for this story, third person would be best.

    Thanks, for the feedback so far. I really appreciate it. :)
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