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    Mafia: Pokemon XY - THE END - Miracle-less Eternity - 2015/August/20

    Re: Pokemon XY - The Mafia Game of Life and Death - ACCEPTING SUBS - 2015/July/20 Sorry Kyriaki, but I have to drop out. I'm being deployed for work and probably won't have Internet for a couple weeks. Have a good game everyone!
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    Mafia: Pokemon XY - THE END - Miracle-less Eternity - 2015/August/20

    Re: Pokemon XY - The Mafia Game of Life and Death - SIGNUPS OPEN - 2015/July/20 I'll play! It's been a while- I hope I can keep up with you guys!
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    The Offiicial Super Smash Bros. 4 Discussion!

    I'll probably buy all of the DLC: Ryu and his stage look really cool, Dreamland will be a nice additional 'plain' stage, and Lucas and Roy will give more variety when I'm playing with my friends. They are pretty expensive, though (especially in Canada), so I'll probably end up only getting them...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    The recent direct felt kind of pointless- it didn't show anything new and didn't even reveal a release window. I shouldn't have gotten as excited as I did for it.
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    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I just downloaded Golden Sun with my last Club Nintendo coins. I know nothing about it other than that it's an RPG and a lot of people want the main character in Smash Bros. Let's hope I made a good choice.
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    Uncommon things that you can do that apparently no one else can.

    Vibrating my eyeballs back and forth really quickly. I've met a handful of others who can do it, but it's great for freaking someone out when I do it in front of them for the first time!
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    I just checked out the end of your cutthroat mafia (it feels so long ago when I was killed!)...

    I just checked out the end of your cutthroat mafia (it feels so long ago when I was killed!), and I thought of posting my feedback in thread, but figured that you'd never see it, so I'll post it here. I think the concept's got a lot of potential, even if that game seemed a bit one-sided. The...
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    The Situation Room 2.0

    Hey guys, just thought I'd poke in and say hi- I've been very busy with school and probably will be until exams are over in May, so I sadly won't have the time to participate in games until then (hopefully I'll try my hand at hosting my first one then as well). This multi-site game seems very...
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    Obscure Game Trivia

    It's not that obscure, but I thought it was interesting when somebody told me recently that Diddy Kong is the only non-Japanese character in Super Smash Bros.
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    New Nintendo system: NX

    I've never understood where this opinion came from (a lot of people seem to have it). The gamepad can literally do everything that those other controllers can- it just does more. The controller isn't the reason that third parties didn't want to support the WiiU.
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    What video games are you playing now?

    I got an urge to pick up my second play though of Fire Emblem Awakening again (it's been months since I left off with it). I'm doing a hard mode, classic, with no resetting or battling Risen/Streetpass/Spotpass allowed. I'm seeing how far I can make it before I have to give up. It didn't...
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    Rate the Last Movie you Watched

    I just watched the second Austin Powers movie for the first time (I watched the first one a couple of years ago, so it's not exactly fresh in my mind). On the whole, I enjoyed it. Something I wasn't expecting was that a lot of the jokes fell REALLY flat, which I don't remember happening much in...
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    Official Claim-a-Videogame-Music Thread Volume 2!

    Interesting. I'll stake my claim here! Stuntology- Erana's Peace - Quest For Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero - 23/03/2015 Stuntology- The Cowboy is Back in Town - Gunman Clive 2 - 23/03/2015 Stuntology- Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - 23/03/2015
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    New Nintendo system: NX

    I just hope my WiiU will have consistent support for at least three more years.
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    Easy, Normal or Hard?

    Like most of you, I usually start on normal, and then do hard if I play the game again later. I did play Bioshock on easy, though (didn't finish it yet), because I was playing it for the atmosphere and didn't want to get frustrated by having to replay sections. If I played more shooters, I...