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  • Hey. I just thought you should know I revived the Gijinka Project. Feel free to use the same characters you had last time.
    The "basement" isn't going to be a thing. The inn isn't to be destroyed.
    That is, put effort into immersing your character into it. I like Curt, but I'm going to need you to actually interact with others if you're going to be in it. That's how this goes.
    If you're going to be in Null for any longer length of time, I'm going to ask that you collaborate.
    Gonna have to ask that Curt not have the ability to part with his soul.
    Hey, what did you want to do with Curt at the very beginning? Perhaps a test subject at Null's Labs where they promised to pay him if he cooperates? Or something else?
    Hey, I wanted to know if you still wanted to be part of the Bounty Hunters rp.
    hi !!
    i have a psychic type safari with abra,espurr and girafarig
    my fc 4270-2482-7129 ign steve
    would you be interested to add me?
    Welcome to Pokémon URPG! If you have any questions feel free to ask: I've added you to my buddylist! :) And nice choice for your starter--Spinarak's awesome.


    Hi! Welcome to URPG! :)

    I just wanted to send you this to let you know that I've added you to the main URPG blast chat. If the invite didn't go through for whatever reason, please feel free to let me know, and I'll work on getting you added as soon as possible~ Another member has added you to one of our battle chats, and there are a few more you may need to be added to as well, especially if the one you're in ends up being used! Any of the chat members can add you to the battle chats, however, so just ask one of them, and they'll be happy to help!

    If you have any questions about URPG, you're more than welcome to ask myself (or swiftgallade46 or Soulmaster, seeing as they've already offered to help here on the forums) or anyone in the chat, and we'll be more than happy to help!
    welcome to URPG! I'm here to help if you have any questions! It's easiest to get started if you can get an AIM account =]
    Howdy, SudoWooper. So I noticed that you joined the URPG. Anyways, Welcome :)
    If you need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
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