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  • It's been pointed out here that most Japanese fans seem to believe Unova is actually frozen over, or at least they're not questioning it for whatever reason. At least some of them are very curious about the abnormal event that happened in Unova. Is that really true?

    I'm not asking this because I think the ice is real, but rather because you said that there was zero chance that Game Freak would imply that Kyurem's ice caused a river flood. I assume you meant that the idea of a region being flooded is a highly sensitive subject in Japan, but if it's true that most Japanese fans believe the ice is real and are excited by it, then I question your statement.
    Hey! Just wanted to say that I think you're a great translator and I really appreciate you doing it for us! Don't get down because of what a (very) few people are saying about your translations. There's no cause for anyone to get mean about it just because they don't like what they hear! I hope you'll continue to share the Japanese perspective with us! :)
    I'd like to think you'd have built up enough of a reputation to at least say you had someone get a second opinion on your translations, but yeah, that wouldn't go off too well.
    There are some things you should just let go with regards to people speculating, especially when *some* of the others who are disagreeing with the translation only do so to fit what they believe and not because they've translated it either. This fandom seems to have very few capable translators, and, when one of those few come to speak out, it seems quite annoying that they'd get attacked for a service they've provided for free simply because they don't like the message. I've seen alternate translations, but as far as I'm concerned, you originally viewed the ice to be real until looking at the text so I don't see any prior bias affecting it.
    Nevermind, I managed to find a solution around that by downloading it as a text document ^_^

    And no problem. I know how prior expectations can guide how people perceive things, so I think its much better to get a literal translation than asking someone for their contextual interpretation. I mean, my contextual interpretation was that the ice was symbolic of Kyurem's influence.
    By the way, can you translate the Pokedex entries of the old Pokemon from the B2W2 Japanese website and confirm if those Pokedex entries are not recycled from the older games? Thanks! :)

    Just want to ask if you're certain that the "New Pokemon announcement" will be announced directly on the B2W2 booklet and not from the magazine? Judging from the images from AAFP, I can't see something that will point out that the new Pokemon will be announced on the B2W2 booklet.

    I don't think you come off overdramatic or redundant; most people I've talked to know you just do your best to help out. When talking to the VG guys I'll mention something about the reactions to translations.
    vBulletin 4 has had the problem for a while. I remember hearing something about how the characters are entered. I really hope the developers fix it sometime soon. I'm gonna speak to the VG guys and see what they think about making a sticky saying that sometimes the Japanese characters will make the rest of the post disappear as unlike in the Anime forum they probably haven't encountered it much.

    Thanks! It's a stoat.
    I was actually referring to the B2W2 booklet that will come with the main magazine (not the Ichiban one). Can we tell for sure that the new Pokémon won't be featured in that booklet, but rather in the magazine itself? I'm asking this because some people think that the Pokémon will be revealed in the booklet, meaning that it is connected to B2W2.
    On an unrelated note, is it absolutely clear that the new Pokémon scoop will be featured in the main CoroCoro magazine rather than the B2W2 booklet?
    Hey sunyshore. If the Japanese characters are causing your post to disappear and it won't stop, I suggest printscreening what you want to say, save it as an image and then post it. That way you can still include the Japanese you need and not have it all disappear.
    Archaic seems to disagree with you regrading the ice on the map. Has the official website changed your mind, or is your interpretation still the same?

    I don't think there is a way to know for sure at this point. The artist may not have bothered to draw the ice in a realistic way because it is most likely not a permanent feature of the region.
    Hey sunyshore,

    Just wanted to let you know that I've added the source you provided to the sticky that I made earlier, so hopefully people will see it.

    If you see anyone claiming that its fake, sending in a report will allow one of us to handle it quickly.
    It's funny how you mentioned the possibility of Emmet and Ingo appearing and now ... here they are. lol

    Your wishes just keep getting fulfilled. xD
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