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  • May I just say that I 100% agree with your posts in the Dent discussion thread. Frankly, I'm glad someone had the pokeballs to call 'em out.
    OMG that Galvantula plushie in your sig is awesome O_O

    I just had to say that.. :p
    Hey, I have a question. Why there aren't anime shows that being aired on Friday? Is this day is a special day for Japanese or something?
    You are really starting to be annoying. Why do you post sketches of upcoming episodes so often? There ARE people who don't want to be spoiled, y'now.
    Hi, I saw you got some kind of book that contains Pokédex info + short comics for every Pokémon of BW
    It's really cool! I'd like to know if you plan to scan all of it, that would be awesome!
    I'm lucky; I only lost a few dishes. I'm moving to Tokyo during the upcoming three day weekend, so most of my stuff was safely tucked away in boxes. The damage could have been way worse.
    Sorry,Im going to sound like a very selfish and interested person here,although I do support your site since I found it some months ago and will understand if you dont have time to awnser. Thanks in advance.

    I was wondering if you could post the link to the livestream in your livejournal(denkimouse right?),sorry and hoping this doesnt gets you in trouble as it is an external site...
    Hey that khjamer guy that was calling you a liar about the leaked artwork is totally going around and taking crap about you on other threads now. He keeps saying that you got conned into buying fake artwork and that we are all dumb for believing you. Anyway just thought id let you know.
    Hey man thanks for the preview pics they look awesome!! Im so happy ash is getting meguruko, its one of my favorite pokes for this generation.
    Hey! I didn't know you frequented this website. I just thought I'd say that I'm a big fan of your art. :)
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