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Recent content by sunyshore

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    So...current thoughts on Serena?

    Sorry, but that is absolutely incorrect. Something being delayed is not "very rare", whether it had a "counterpart" or not. And, they do not delay merchandise because they are unhappy with the anime or because they think a character isn't doing well. You cannot possibly be serious about this...
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    REVIEW: XY018: Wake Up Kabigon! Battle in Parfum Palace!

    seeing clemont's victorian england bloomers was the entire point of the episode right
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    i've been a bit slow because of a few busy weekends but i promise to always get them up within a...

    i've been a bit slow because of a few busy weekends but i promise to always get them up within a few days :)
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    PREVIEW: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Kindergarten!!

    Re: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Park!! speaking of which, why is bulba still calling this episode commotion in the park? XD
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    REVIEW: XY010: Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!

    points where i usually laugh out loud in an episode: .... points where i laughed out loud, in my real life, in this episode: -the theme song cutting james off mid ramble -bonnie and serena make fun of TR and do their motto. while bonnie does random ninja poses. -limone scootling along on...
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    yeah....why is there a capture thread and an ash's captures thread? O_o
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    REVIEW: XY009: Subdue Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!

    i..........i'm so happy.............. it was so..............................so beautiful.................... !!! clemont you did it, you're a nerd with real friends!
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    REVIEW: XY007: Leave it to Serena!? The Charging Sihorn Race!

    nicely drawn episode, and nicely paced, i never got bored! not too surprised ash forgot serena if their only interaction during camp was him helping her out of the woods. but i can see how it would be important and memorable enough to her to remember so fondly. i think clemont was right, being...
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    XY008: Pokémon Trimmer and Torimian!

    why are there never any sources given for these voice actor lists? and why does it say barry when we know barry is not in this episode?
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    Who is the Mysterious Man????????

    it's clemont's dad. http://sunyshore.com/scrap/clemontanime33.jpg
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    REVIEW: XY006: Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Viviyon!!

    a thrilling gym battle. though i found myself shouting "JUST SHOCK THEM" the whole time. ash can't recall what happened between him and serena and she seemed dissapointed, but got over it quickly enough and didn't whine or cry. she told him to just focus on his training, putting herself aside...
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    XY006: Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Viviyon!!

    you must really hate bug pokemon...
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    What's going on with XY's ratings?

    i'm more curious why these forums are so obsessed with episode ratings... or how you can think they reflect an episode's quality? pokemon ratings are usually always the same. its not exactly a great show, you realize, its the same show as its always been with variations added sometimes. an...
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    REVIEW: XY005: The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Viviyon's Dance Battle!!

    while she didn't say ash was unprepared (that i recall) she did say viola might be surprised next time (which is what i think made her look worried). i translated this much on the first page, i am not sure if that's what you meant by a gross mistranslation (i assume you mean the subtitled...