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Recent content by Super Chao Maniac

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    The New Official Claim-a-Move Thread!

    Super Chao Maniac - Horn Drill - 19/7/2012
  2. S

    Pokemon plushies and figures

    There are a lot of figures and plushies that I have, but there are way too many to tell. My current favorites are my Chandelure Clipping figure and Kids Figures.
  3. S

    Moves you think should exist.

    Re: Invent-A-Move Thread Name: Bounce Guard Description: The user creates a barrier that sends the opponent's attack back. This move always goes first. Type: Dark Category: Status Power: None PP: 10 Accuracy: 100% Effect: After the opponent attacks, it will end up hurting itself with it's own...
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    Ash’s biggest screw-ups in BW Season 1

    When he went out of the gym to get his Snivy during his battle with Elesa
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    Review S15 EP18: Baffling the Bouffalant!

    Where are the Afro Circus jokes? This episode was funny thanks to the Afros.
  6. S

    Review BW081: Tesseed Research Institute! Iris and Baivanilla!

    I just realized something. I notice that the scent of the moss only affected the Electric types and Ground types. Does this mean that any Pokemon that are not those 2 types aren't affected by the smell? Anyways, it's a good episode. Nice to see Vanilluxe, my favorite Ice type.
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    If you could be any Pokemon

    Possibly Chandelure
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    The New Official Claim-An-Item(s) Thread!

    Dusk Stone - Super Chao Maniac (21/5/12)
  9. S

    Cutest Pokemon

    The entire Litwick line.
  10. S

    Pokémon dreams

    I can recall one my dreams a few months ago featured me meeting the Subway Masters.
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    Have you ever hated a character or pokemon because of their fans?

    Pikachu is overrated. I don't even know why everyone loves it!
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    The New, Improved and Official Claim-An-Ability Thread!

    Super Chao Maniac - Levitate - 4/5/2012
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    The New Official Claim-a-Pokemon Thread!

    Chandelure - Super Chao Maniac - 4/2/2012
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    Obsolete: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

    As of now, my favorites are Chandelure and Eelektross
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    Type combinations that NEED to happen!

    Always wanted to see a Psychic/Ghost and a Psychic/Dark Pokemon