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  • Yah the controller is not as good as GC, my Ike has been losing lately but my ganon is doing really well. I don't seem to know how to access my friend code. Is it the friend ID that you make because that's all I see when I go to the friend roaster.
    Oh, you don't like Robin? I'll have a little fun with you then once I get some good combos. Let's not forget my Ganondorf too, was playing Brawl again and found a nasty combo although not easy to do but it does 60% IF I pull it off right.
    4 days, just 4 more days until Wii U smash comes out. Also I was trying out Robin on Kyle's game and I think I could get good with Robin and yes his B up tome can run out but his tomes replenish after about 20-30 seconds or when Robin is knocked off the stage so using Robin won't be a pain at all.
    Hey what do you know about the majora's mask for the 3DS? Something about a limited edition thing that goes with it?
    LOL! Well Ike, Ganon, and Lucario have the exact the same move sets as before except they are a little faster in the new smash than they were in brawl and besides Lucario is MUCH better now so your Ike may not do so well with Lucario plus I can keep my distance from you as well. I don't remember how to use Pikachu though so I'm a little sad :( And the only reason why you became a match for me is because I told you that you were VERY predictable and told you what you were doing that made it easy to beat you and you ended up changing your fighting style and as a result you did better and sort of but not really became my equal in brawl AS IKE.
    The new swords man character from zeno blade has a terrible move set and yes Lucina is exactly the same as marth. But all that news is old news to me about the 8 player mode and all what not. Shieks two new moves make her a little better, I hooked up my Wii again to get ready fer the new smash game on the Wii U, looking back on some replays so I can once again kick the ever living shit out of you in smash.
    Yah I know. I waited outside gamestop untill it opened at 10am. Also played smash bros. on 3DS that Kyle got and it's all right but my thumbs were hurting with-in the first hour of playing it and the 3DS is not what I would call a good controller. It was really hard to play as link but I was fine with Ike but I know I can do much better on the WiiU and Olimar is really easy to use as well. I faced a metaknight AI and it was STILL annoying but it only did 30 some damage to me the entire 3 stock fight and yes it was level 9, the AI's are not that hard at all and maybe because I was using Ike and his sword gave me really good distance from MK.
    Ok, that sounds good. Kyle came over this morning and he ended up bringing two Gengar even cards. Can sludge wave be passed down as an egg move, my event gangar is a calm nature I think, that or careful I forget which but Kyle got a sassy nature one XD
    Ok, so I wanted to do a play through of Pokemon gold version on the gameboy color. Simple right? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, no... I was going to build a team by picking Feraligatr as my water type however there are a few problems regarding the moves in sp.atk an atk so here's my problem the moves I want to teach it are... Waterfall, ice punch, crunch, earthquake. Nice move set right? Well problem one in the OLD games, it CAN'T learn waterfall, two ice punch is a sp.atk move(WTF) and crunch is an egg move AND a sp.atk move... My fire type would be Houndoom and that works well for this version of the game. Moves are flamethrower, crunch, sunny day, an solarbeam. Now I also wanted Gengar on my team. Other problem... Shadow ball is a Physical move so Gengar is out. Then I wanted jolteon however MOST of the moves I want to teach it are physical moves so the only sp.atk move I can give it is thunderbolt. So after that I was like fuck this game. Thunder, ice, and fire punch are all sp.atk moves... I'll just let this sink in to your head and you try to make sense of all of this. Are you glad Game Freak fixed all their stupid moves sets for later games???
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