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  • I'm not sold on Alden as Solo either. Trailer was alright, not super excited and due to saving money I'm gonna skip Solo anyway.

    It was surprisingly funny.
    I see. To me the original trilogy reigns supreme.

    Btw, saw The Darkest Hour last week. If Gary Oldman wins the Oscar for Best Oscar it will be deserved.
    How would you rank the films? For me it's:

    1. Empire
    2 A New Hope
    3. Return of the Jedi
    4. The Last Jedi
    5. Rogue One
    6. The Force Awakens
    7. Revenge of the Sith
    8. Phantom Menace
    9. Attack of the Clones
    It has its moments but overall I personally think it's a trainwreck. Good that you like it though.
    He's going to present multiple songs and then picks one himself. Don't know whwn, hopefully this month.
    We already have our singer. It's Waylon from the Common Linnets, remember them? Came second behind Conchita Wurst. Waylon is going solo now. His song is not known yet but he is one hell of a singer so I have trust in him.
    I’ve Seen Almost ALL LOL! :) I get your Complaints. Especially Streep, but having Seen the Film Twice, she’s Good in it and didn’t mind the Nomination this Time.
    And Boss Baby yeah.... That is a controversial pick actually. Lego Batman Movie got snubbed! 2017 was pretty terrible for animated movies except for Coco, so the fact that Lego Batman isn't nominated is pretty mindblowing
    There's a difference between popcorn flicks and the best of the best though. Homecoming and Ragnarok were the film I enjoyed the most last year, but in my opinion Dunkirk is the best film I saw in 2017. MCU and Star Wars and other blockbusters are not on the same level as Dunkirk and other films.
    Yeah, most of the nominations are critically praised movies though, so it's fine by me. O've also only seen Dunkirk though.
    Haha. I wish Weyland had more of a role than just a weak old man though. The Weyland coorporation is hugely important in the franchise.
    What you had with the Prometheus cast I had with the Covenant cast. They were cardboard cutouts to me if I'm being honest.
    Maybe he isn't the Most Expressive Person, but he's VERY GOOD Overall.

    I DRANK the COOLAID when I Saw Covenant at First, I may have said it was BETTER then Prometheus, but I DIGRESS. Prometheus IS BETTER then Covenant is. Maybe some Cooler Moments, but Prometheus is the Better Film.

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