• Magnificent Entertainer barges into the Pastoria Gym, intent on getting his fifth Badge. Watch here as he chases some Team Galactic dingbat and yells at the police again.
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  • I have my own, but I've been taking a break for a while.

    On to the training. This one is significantly harder, so you might have to try a few times.

    Make a gen4 Cacnea sprite blue and red. The light green should be one of the colors, the dark, the other.
    If you know its going to be the same, why try? Sorry for being blunt, but I hate people who just do things in haste try to achieve something instead of actually working(hard) for it.
    Well, there's still 10 minutes, so Happy Birthday! I think the reason nobody remembered may be because your birthday isn't actually listed on your profile, and it didn't show up in the list of today's birthdays at the bottom of the main forum screen.

    Hope you had a good one, though. :cheers:
    Lol, there are applicants who've proved otherwise actually. A handful of them. It wouldn't be that hard if you started reading around the threads and whatnot. And no, we can't really do that here ^^;
    I wanted to reply you sooner, but I guess DG got it covered. But yes, some of your answers really gave me an idea that you didn't really understand the Park very well. You should take a look around at some RPs handled there, along with reading the Park Encyclopedia. It should help you alot ^^
    Also, it's URPG, not URBG.

    You also seem to be very confused about rangers here, along with the rest of the URPG. We are nothing, like the games at all. Only the name is in common.

    And you need to have a lot more pokemon and experience to have a gym. I don't think newbies get gyms.lol
    No, I gave you three shades of blue to replace the corresponding shades a red. The Mew was just an example of the process. Do not change the yellow belly and beak- only the red body of the magby. Try again.

    However, you did okayish on the main body with the hot pink. However, the belly is incorrect.
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