• Magnificent Entertainer pokes around in the Great Marsh and battles his rival again. Will Zexy finally overcome ME's team? Watch here to find out.
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  • 3ds! Well for Rune Factory 4 anyways. xD

    Ofc, the fanbase is huge! :p

    Yes it is! And I absolutely agree ehehe.

    Heh I can never find sites that have ALL the chapters in order myself. ._.
    Ohhh. It's easy to distinguish the two based on art though! For one Harvest Moon is more cartoon like, and Rune Factory has a older clothing style really.

    Yeah that sounds good. Though what would be another good starter trio? Fighting, Dark, and Psychic? x)

    Yeah it is, plus it tugged at my heart strings. I have never been prouder of owning a series like that one! And Yuna Kagesaki? She's amazing ain't she? Plus the women she draws are gorgeous! And her characters have so much emotion. It's hard not to love her stuff honestly. x)

    And yep! Up to diamond and pearl and some of black and white. :3
    It's a fantasy harvest moon, really that's like the slogan for the series. x)

    I think the main games will always be for handhelds honestly, but hey who knows! It can be for a spin off. :3

    Ehehe. Thankies. :p *high-fives*

    Cause he's never finished the manga, just the anime. A true fan would have read the manga! Which is 10x better imo.
    It's farming, fighting, and love! Such a strange but fun combo honestly. :D

    Ohhh virtual reality games? I never played one before but that honestly sounds really cool! o.o And will say I agree ahaha.

    Cool then. ;D And it was for giggles, which I tend to do stupid things a lot for. :p

    v He's a liar. D<
    From her: Dolce - Rune Factory Wiki A Wiki about Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Rune Factory: Frontier, Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, Rune Factory 4. Fighting, Foraging, M
    "Dolce is often known to wear a straight poker face but that itself contradicts with her sarcastic and somewhat catty personality. Dolce can come off as very blunt and she won't hesitate to speak her mind."
    I feel like that part of the chracter description is me in a nutshell honestly. xD

    Nope, is Oculus Rift a game? o.o And fine, I'll call you Swampy. :p

    And Dolce&Gabbana is a clothes designer I think, not too sure but I found it hilarious for April Fools. xD
    Okay wow, two days is madness imo I can't hunt down Pokemon for that long. xD

    And yeah my first username here had Professor in it, but overtime I've taken a liking to Dolce.

    If that was the case some people would never stop using amie. xD And I think we'll get along fine Swampert. :p
    Hmmmm does both count? Cause I love both. x) And U had the hardest time finding one, so she spent 20+ mins finding one for me cause I got annoyed. So idk if it's generally like that but I know I HAD TROUBLE. >.< I can do that, I used to have a Professor username and will say it wasn't for nothing. Cause I'm pretty good at giving lessons. :D And really now? I just find that you need a lot of patience. xD
    Why yep! Plus a friend gave me my Dedenne so I spoil her. :D And yes! It's easier to breed Pokemon honestly, even male parents pass down their hidden abilities, females pass egg moves, destiny knot can pass 5 ivs down.
    I do too, it's adorable. I love playing with my Dedenne. :3 And Abilities, and IVs ahaha.
    Your almost there! Keep at it! And I'm a breeder, before I train anything I usually breed for specifics. xD
    Besides the one battle that introduces you to using mega stones nope not at all. XD
    I love them for one reason, Pokemon like Kangaskhan get some love. Same with Mawile, and Absol. :D
    Megastones aren't one time use items, they're held items. :eek: 2nd game I think, cause I know I had two games. xD I just remember you were a student before a full fledged ranger.
    I originally only meant to get X, yet I was tempted by mega stones. xD Hmm last one I played was the one with the manaphy mission, I forget the name. xD
    I don't think I sped through, but I beat the main story in 60 hours. Which took me like a week. And I have yet to beat the second gym on Y.
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