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  • Sorry I didn't mean to sound so kurt but you know how old people get when things don't go their way.
    Pretty much like that xD

    Well it depends if the RP was good, though I'm planning on making a sequel/spinoff of it.
    They started off different, but kind of got more alike as more abilities popped around, the basic difference is how people are able to use their powers through them.

    That and video games, movies, tvs etc.

    Well the first part of the RP started in June 2011 and ended one year later in 12, well I ended it cause I wanted to recruit more people and Part II has been going ever since, though it's close to finishing.
    Well there are powers like that, for example each skill gives the person a power of their own, for example a magic user might focus on a specific type of magci and a PSI user could have healing powers or the ability to make illusions, the thing that they all have in common is that all three skills have their own type of element control and such.

    The world is actually pretty similar xD after an apocalyptic event which is what caused the skills to appear the world had to regrow from scratch so while it's in the future it's only a little more advanced than our current time.

    It originally started out as basically that then as the RP went on the individual requests turned into longer arcs and that ended up creating a main plotline and with that the secret of how people get their powers and such is expanded upon. I honestly see it as one of the better RPs I've had cause of the world I was able to build.
    Um...it's kind of hard to put it into basic words really xD

    It basically takes place in the future like 400 years in the future, a part of the world's population has learned to use three types of powers, these powers are called skills and they are divided between Life Energy, a skill that allows those with it to use abilities based around their body as well as their surroundings. Magic, which is self explanatory, and PSI which involves powers that come from the mind.

    These people usually become Bounty Hunters, Bounty Hunters work for an organization called the BHA which protects the world, the hunters form Guilds that in turn take requests from people to do whatever they are asked, for something as simple as saving a cat from a tree (there was actually a request like that in the RP...though it got worse) to facing off against a criminal organization.

    That's the best I can summarize it, it's a lot more complex but that's the basic thing.
    We're actually trying to fix that though's a secret project.

    I have a non Pokemon RP going on right now and I did RP a lot but my activity went into a bit of a hiatus. I've been trying to get the hang of things back.
    For me I think I have to just make myself write it xD cause I do anything else then I'll just lose focus on what I'm doing, I have short attention span.
    For me it's kind of weird too, I mean like I get all these ideas but when I finally get time to write them I've replayed them in my head so much that I get bored xD
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