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  • The first one can be found in the archive and it can be read if you liked but I also made the second one in a way that you wouldn't need to know too much for it to be read by others.

    Yeah that's the same problem I have with mine but yeah I do love it in my own way xD it's what allows me to write after all.

    I mean is not like I do it for th ereviews but everyone wants to have some from time to time, my academy fic gets reviewers but most of them read it cause I asked if they wanted to give it a try.
    Well I do try, though this is actually a sequel xD the last fic had 50 chapters.

    Well don't we all xD mine sucks for that though cause it overheats and shuts off.

    Well yeah xD though it sucks when it doesn't get readers sometimes.
    Yeah that one xD it's got 31 chapters so far though I've been slow.

    Is there a problem with the tabs?

    Yeah I've got the prologue ready but I'm working on the first chapter.
    Well yes actually xD I have a fic going on right now which is in my sic though I've also been working on writing a second fic.
    Well I did post for your oneshot xD I thought it was pretty cool, though was it a oneshot or is it a fic?
    I'm good xD I was sending a message to say hi and that it's good to find another Pokemon Special lover in the workshop.
    Well, I don't necessarily mean filler episodes, just filler content. You know,on top of what's in the chapters. The way the manga pace is would be too fast for an average length episode. Unless they decided to make episodes 5-10 minutes long instead.
    Just to continue the conversation here, I agree it would be. All they would have to do is add stuff to fill out episodes, just keep any new elements be like everything else in Special.
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