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  • Well that's interesting. What don't you like about BW Japanese music?
    EDIT: Don't worry about the question. I read more of the thread and have a better idea of your reasoning.

    I actually find it fascinating. Your probably the first person I had seen who not only went on the dub side of music but also really debate about it even if it is only for BW. I've actually met quite a few people who like dub music in my time away from the forums. Though none of them seemed confident enough to actually go into a debate.

    I don't mind either way when it comes to music as I said earlier but it's a breathe of fresh air seeing a different viewpoint.

    You really opened the floodgates in that thread though.lol
    Do you love dub music as much as you appear to do in that Japanese music thread? Just asking since you seem to get really excited about dub music and seem like a huge fan of it.

    I don't mind either set of music to be honest these days. I quite like both.=)
    I'm just curious about your reasoning for why you dislike Japanese music that's all because it's interesting seeing a dub music lover for once.
    We already have a thread for reporting the TV ratings. Post any new ratings information in that thread, please.
    In response to your post in the "dubbed Best Wishes" thread, this is what I was gonna say. XD

    I actually LIKE Veronica's Hoenn voice that she used for Ash.

    True, it isn't as high pitched as Kanto or Johto Ash was. But, it's still a good voice, in my opinion.

    Also, the deeper pitch fits better with Ash's personality in Hoenn. In the Hoenn seasons, Ash is more mature than he was back in Kanto and Johto. Therefore, I think Veronica's Hoenn Ash voice was perfect. =)

    Of course, I like every pitch that Veronica Taylor used for Ash. But my favorite pitch that Veronica used, was the voice from Johto Journeys. He sounds so cute in those episodes!! ^_^
    In the Caption the Screenshots threads, it is allowed to post that type of picture with the Charmeleon and the Charmander?
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