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  • Hehe, I only just started to try and learn little bits last year.

    I don't have WiFi at the moment, though if you use PO then I will.

    Yesterday :3
    The only thing I can say is that, "he earned it".
    Try to follow the guidelines, rules and regulations perfectly, and make good contributions :)

    Note: A lot of users believe that the higher number of posts will increase their chance to become a mod although it's not the case. The thing that matters is the "quality" not "quantity".
    Sorry I meant chance, not change^_^
    Silktree and I have been discussing recently the comments made by Mana Iba a while back about being no third version could be true, I suggest you read some of his suggestions, there not impossible^_^
    In terms of the three year Generation, R/S remakes are just as likely not going to happen then happen.
    No, I'm not a mod, but a staff member on pedia/archives/bnews that's why it is in italics 8)
    There is a chance that this Generation will go quicker than previous ones, the likely fact that there won't be R/S remakes/third version this Generation and the fact it can't be a coincidence the anime has gone faster (whether it was stated or not) means we may be in for a 2-3 year Generation. At the vert least a filler saga isn't impossible.
    Pretty terrible xD I only know a few words here and there.

    Nooooooooooo, this is Unova, Pikachu should not exist :D
    *If you're going to edit a post, I suggest you just hit me up with another VM so that I pay attention to it ^^;

    I just finished the game. I can't beat the E4 a second time though, since they're level 70...

    He did not deserve to win against Ash.
    Yeah, the grass starter. Found it pretty underwhelming.

    I used Hitomoshi in my first playthrough, was pretty cool. Pikachu?
    It's been a while, Okay? XD Gah, I'm so glad people don't nickname their pokemon that much in the anime XD

    Why would I use an electrolizer? I'd probably just slap a lifeorb on that thing.
    I ditched Tsutarja as soon as xD

    I mainly go for evolved ones, so cutes ones are usually lacking. I do want to train an Altaria soon though.
    My current one is: Archeops, Jellicent, Krookodile, Ulgamoth, Tsunbear and Ononokus.

    Wuuuuut xD

    But whatever...I'll answer your asdfasdf vm.

    I have your tastes, you have yours. I think Denchura is freaking adorable, you don't. It's okay. :)

    Ehh...doesn't ring a bell. I've only seen a trailer for that series.

    I get it :p
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