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  • Yes it was. It happens from time to time. :x

    And just the games for me btw, I rarely watch the anime.
    Ohhh so you wanna complete the dex mainly? I was never one to bother with it there's too many Pokemon. >.>;

    And I agree with you. I'm not good at predicting or even putting together teams, but most of my bred Pokemon are bred for competitive use.

    It's nice in a way, But I do agree it feels like their value has gone down. Though I was never that concerned with shinies I much prefer egg moves and IVs.
    Um....neither? xD I'm a breeder if anything it's what I enjoy the most honestly. But my Pokemon are bred for competitive use, I'm no good at battles though. Yourself?
    Oh yeah I'm a dummy I saw the friend request and forgot to reply properly. >>

    But Dedenne, Carbink, Dragalge, and Pumpkaboo! <3 Yourself?
    Aw bummer. And I have actually, I used to work in a McDonald's up until roughly two months ago. So I used to always have ice cream when my shifts ended in the summer. xD
    I'm sorry for urging you? xD And that's easy, I like Reese, Sour candies, and gummies the most. <3 You?

    It's mainly a bunch of candy because Dolce means sweet. And I have an enormous sweet tooth. :p
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