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  • Hmm wanna go tomorrow early afternoon? So Thursday around 1 your time? And yeah, you're East Coast and I'm Central. I have something tomorrow evening/night for most of it, and just remembered Saturday is full. So yeah, around then work?
    So did you like the episode? I thought the dub version was...interesting, at least based on the voices.
    I like Nintendo, but I do enjoy my PS4. But yeah, with any luck one day a new 3DS will come out.

    Also here you go. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (Episode 1) Swing Into Action: Part 1 [English Dub] - Video Dailymotion Can't seem to find part 2 though. Then again I'm not looking hard.
    I think 4kids are still part of the product/in works with Arc-V. Not entirely sure though.

    Have to summon it that way. I mean, you don't actually have to, and getting out 2 level 7 monsters isn't so hard, but I went for the harder route for the effect. Well, apparently some kind of game is in the works

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs

    Given how it was announced though most fears/speculation is that it will be like this kind of game.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels - Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Hey nothing wrong with waiting until dubbed. Despite 4kids, being well 4kids, I still to this day prefer the dub of DM to the original version. I was fine with dub in general until 5D's started skipping episodes early on (I guess the whole no GX last season thing too)

    Oh, and its very tough but I managed to do the thing.

    You watched all of Zexal and Zexal II? I really disliked it tbh. I liked it at first but then it just started getting worse and worse to me, although it's tumblr fanbase didn't help either. It's still my least favorite spinoff with Arc V being my favorite.
    D'aww swifty, u so sweet. But yea, I'll be available this Thursday through the weekend, so I'm sure we'll battle then.
    Not that I know of, that intro was the first sign of it, but nothing stating a start date or anything has shown up yet.
    Here, it looks...well the theme sounds goofy, but some sort of Arc-V dub is coming eventually.

    GMT-6 Central, though if you want to do the test this weekend, hit me up with a time beforehand if possible.

    Hyped for the test!
    Hey, Swift.

    Wanted to know if you'd be up for scheduling a time to do my ref test. I know you're really busy with school and all that jazz, so let me know when you might be able to do it. Personally, I'm free most weeknights and some weekends, too. If you don't really have any time free, that's cool, too.

    Thanks :)
    Doesn't super matter, but Jolteon and Greninja were both used in the DP battle. Thanks again for reffing btw!
    Aw man!

    I was gonna use whatever I get from my Dragonair basics to afford it. But now I just realised people may not have basics later today.

    Also, I use tapatalk so I cant read VMs? Sorry for that inconvenience. I wasnt ignoring you :)
    You're welcome! :D Thanks for giving me something easier to write for! I'll let you know as soon as the stories get graded. :)
    Hi! #overactiveauthor I can write for a Venonat and also probably a Gothita, although that would take longer because I've got a bit of a story waiting list XD. I'd probably want a TM case in exchange. Lemme know if that sounds good, please!

    Also, next chance I get I'm changing my username to Overactive Author.
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