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Recent content by swiftgallade46

  1. swiftgallade46

    Moves/Abilities that should have their effects changed+ New move ideas

    That’s fair, though I would point out that that’s likely due to there being a huge amount of Water-type Pokémon (plus a few odd non-Water-types that learn it). But, yeah, even within the Fire-type pool itself there aren’t many that learn it.
  2. swiftgallade46

    Moves/Abilities that should have their effects changed+ New move ideas

    Going off of only 100% accurate moves with useable BP, there is Lava Plume. (Plus Sizzly Slide but that doesn’t count for obvious reasons).
  3. swiftgallade46

    Pokémon with specific roles in the single player game

    Well I believe we know from interviews that Basculin was added to Black and White late in development because they felt that Unova lacked a generic fish Pokémon. ...which is ironic, in retrospect, because the very next generation completely lacked a generic fish Pokémon.
  4. swiftgallade46

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Probably because no “perfect wall” can have 1HP.
  5. swiftgallade46

    What little things, details, and other small additions in Sword/Shield that you like

    ...ok whaaaat I actually had no idea this was a thing lol that’s cool af
  6. swiftgallade46

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    The Y-Comm is a lot different from the Pokétch in terms of features. I’m sure there would be enough content to differentiate the two or even have both in the Sinnoh Remakes.
  7. swiftgallade46

    Cynthia=Mary Sue?

    I know this isn’t exactly a flaw, but doesn’t the anime characterize her with a large affinity for sweets or something?
  8. swiftgallade46

    A possible solution for Dexit

    I’m not sure this would really fix the issue. I imagine there are plenty of missing not-fully-evolved Pokémon that are equally or even more popular than some of the missing fully-evolved ones.
  9. swiftgallade46

    Spoilers Pokémon UNITE

    Hi friends, please keep any leaks in spoiler tags, even for spin off games. Thanks!
  10. swiftgallade46

    Your favorite Champion?

    The gym badges and E4 are part of the Champion title. Randomly beating someone who happened to be champion at the time does not give someone the title. If a football team were to defeat the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs, they wouldn’t suddenly be considered the new Super Bowl champions. You have to...
  11. swiftgallade46

    pick a house

    This was tougher than I thought, but I’m gonna go with D because SwSh and because BW2 have the PWT.
  12. swiftgallade46

    The future of the Main Series

    Respectfully, we have had this conversation a few times so I’m just going to link to the beginning of the last conversation I recall having on this topic as I’ve stated my thoughts there already: re: Does GameFreak Likely Tie Anniversaries to Game Releases.
  13. swiftgallade46

    The future of the Main Series

    I think if Dexit has taught us anything, it’s that this is not the case. I would like to see a gap year, but I’m not confident that will happen based on demand appears to be affecting production rates.
  14. swiftgallade46

    The future of the Main Series

    I disagree. Many people would rather have the option to have a Pokémon in each individual game rather than once per generation.
  15. swiftgallade46

    The future of the Main Series

    I don’t really see that as ruling out the remakes. You could obtain the legendary birds in both Platinum and HG/SS, for example. It’s not common, but it’s not unheard of. You could technically get a duplicate Solgaleo or Lunala in the same game, much less same generation.