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  • You mean like my Brock avatar?


    It's a Japanese fansite so it's hard to navigate, but I've linked you to the page with easy access to all the icons. Luckily, it seems to be the only section of the website with an English option.
    Art in Y11 was basically painting for me anyway. And I was gonna do painting last year but I couldn't choose both painting and design. Lucky your english teacher is good. Got better luck than I had already, haha. I don't know how I managed to pass english.

    Haha I wish I could go to bed now, but essays are stopping me from doing so :p
    Yep a good chat it was. Night! :)
    Yeah that's real early! Hah I would usually only just finish on time.
    Yeah geography was the next best thing. I did it in high school so I kinda knew a bit beforehand.

    Cool! I did Art design. My cousin's doing it next year too(He'll be Y12 next year). Ahahahhh Y12 english was awful. I had this creepy teacher, lol(although all my english teachers sucked now I think of it).
    Sounds like you'll do good in design related things by the sounds of it :D
    Wow nice! That sounds pretty early!
    I once stayed at school til around 8pm on the day we had to hand in our art folios back in Y11. I slacked off majorly(again).

    Currently I'm doing geography, but I'm switching to architecture next year(it was really popular so it was too full this year :( ).

    What subjects are you doing, and what are you planning to do after you finish school? If I can ask, that is, lol :D
    Hah I remember spending my holidays and weekends doing schoolwork. I was an art student so I spent my life working on those folios, lol. Good times though :p

    Nope I'm at uni now. I was Y13 last year. Good on you for studying! I majorly slacked off when I had school holidays :p
    Oh yep. Seems like you came to the city a little before I did, roughly calculating, lol.
    You guys are on your school holidays now aye?
    I think I can use the wi fi but I can't be bothered trading with random people, lol.

    I moved from Auckland when I was 7, so I've basically grown up down here. I don't really remember much of Auckland though. Have you lived in Wellington all your life or something?
    Hmm, looks like the Bulbagarden Trade Center. I never go there, lol.

    Hah just checked the "New Zealanders Unite!!" Thread, looks like you're from Wellington too! Small world, lol.
    Oh yeah I forgot about Pokelova. Another kiwi that comes on every so often is Angelus. He's active but posts in only like one section I think.
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