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  • I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Bouffalant, Glameow line, Smeargle

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
    Cool, I just spent 58k on ems so I can't afford to trade you anything for them, unless you want like all the random berries and tms I still have :(
    i need one more battle then i can EQ, Sub, then i can put X-Scissor on it since its the only one it can learn out of my stats besides sludge bomb, not sure if you want that one.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Bidoof line, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow line, Miltank, Pidove family, Smeargle, Stantler

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
    I feel like you'd appreciate this n~n hideas worth sharing

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY belated congratulations on Oscar Marcel Targaryan the newborn King <333 you love him, and I bet he loves you a lot already! he sounds so precious! do you think he'll grow out of the shyness and become a little spunkier as time goes on? shy dogs are so cute

    *pic uploaded* +132 likes in ten minutes, that's so amazing! and kinda ego boosting for people too. and yes hehe, there's always the crew who will like your pics, even your bad pics, and they'll even go back to like 2007 and like all of those pics too, and then that's how you know they truly love you!! look at Oscar on the FB world, stylin on the cyber sphere <3

    for sure!! =) Ely and my college has like one of the best Yik Yak's imo, came home and was kinda sad cause the one in LV is mostly people just talking about how sad life can be, and I'm like awwwh nah what about the happy times! but in general I really do like reading the Yaks!
    yeah I think Emma's in it!! it was a movie that had a bunch of really great cameos apparently! and oh gracious haha, at least eight sounds like a really good number to get to considering the conditions!! y'all should be very very proud :') Xmas jumper picture going to resurface in July and it will be so magical!

    OH did you play Nintendogs too?! such a good game! and oh my goodness... make sure you take plenty of pictures haha, he will be so so precious! are you still potentially thinking about moving out :eek: I feel like your parents may have gotten him to make you stay hahaha!!

    thanks! :D I just feel like it'd be a very healthy habit to get into! and oh no!! it's ok cause Oscar's going to steal the show, gonna make the top story and the top selfie, dog selfies on fleeeeek

    he other day I saw a Yak that said, "Do guys like being called handsome?" and I thought to myself, whaaaaaat, how far we've fallen with our ability to be honest to each other as human beings!! girls need to get on that!
    AHHH have you seen that movie The World's End?! I bet it's totally stereotypical of awesome pub crawls but I bet it's funny! Did you make it through all twelve stops, complete with all the pictures and all the christmas jumpers?!

    !! You should teach him to do that thing in Nintendogs where you throw the pup the disc and he flips in a loop when he catches it *~* AHHH! Oscar gone be the best!! And he will love you so so so much!

    Aboo you, aboo me, aboo them, aboo the WORLD! n~n it's a sign! I actually work in this neat technology hub on campus - I really like playing with cameras and such, I've never really tried to do my own photography, but I'd love to do portraits of people and landscape photos :') capture the good moments. share them and celebrate the joy of being alive. I gave up on selfies after deleting snapchat B/C inappropro pictures JOM would send me lol!!

    Do YOU do epic selfies?! :D You're quite handsome and you should!!
    Ya know what if he's just looping through life like it's nbd but he's actually the most powerful force in the universe! I'd believe it!!

    12 Pubs of Christmas?! What is that? :D And congratulations on your new bauble! You, Sir, are a pro!

    :') that's such a beautiful name! Oscar will be one epic pooch, and will fight and win wars for you and make you a King! More like a cerberus than a pup!! that's so exciting! Corgis really are full of life - but my Socks usually just jumps all over you and then he'll lay in your lap and then sleep... or you tap your feet on the tiles and he'll start running in circles until he tires himself out!

    must be the name of your guardian angel if you believe that!! ABOOOOOOO! :'D tbh I want Santa to bring me my family! brother flying in on the 19th!! but also a Pentax would be cool maybe ahhh
    btw, I was staring at your Bellsprout for like twenty seconds straight *~* electric feel came on in my mind and then I was swaying too, thank you for that sensation

    yay!! what's your favorite ornament on the Christmas tree? this is where all the darkest secrets surface!

    I'm SO excited for you! pups are so precious to have! do you know what you're going to name it? And I have a Corgi named Socks, he's super old and grumpy and fat and ahhh :'D

    YAY!! and oooh what's aboo?! Have fun with your shopping! get all the things you ever wanted at a HQ, too! you deserve it!!
    YESSSS omg my mom just made magic :'o tree up, all decorations up, new mirrors all over the house, new dog door... all by herself!! this woman is incredible!!

    YASSSSSS congratulations on finishing another semester <333 and oh wow?! what kinda puppy? And YESSS! what's on your wish list? :D
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