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  • Well, I could offer a few general insights. As far as anything in depth is concerned, I'm rather tapped for time I'm afraid
    Har har

    Depending on what kind of plot it is, you might be able to get away without the antagonists along providing all the conflict
    Yeah. I kind of want to push myself to finish the chapter within four weeks of Twenty Two

    A problem with canon?
    I probably should take a break from it, I suppose

    Well. Can't be pushing your luck when it comes to complex plots
    I've kind of lost sight of how good that chapter is, to be honest. In theory I should have got it right, I've just seen too much of it

    Planning usually pays off. You can usually tell when a story's been rushed into writing prematurely
    OH SO MUCH STUFF TO DO. Me, I'm still trying to keep up the pace with Twenty Three now that Twenty Two is done and published
    Then you just end up with a bunch of guys that look like each other though xD
    How so?

    Yeah but it wasn't the same as going through social links xD like social link sin P3P helped a lot in kind of expanding the character beyond just what you see in the main plot

    How's it coming along? :O
    Pretty much. Since I've got a good idea of what the chapter's going to look like I can at least alternate between planning and drafting
    Nah, I can't write like that. If I don't have the discipline to write what I don't want to now, I won't have the discipline to write it at all. And since the pokémon development was planned months ago, well ...
    Hoo boy, back to the grind with another battle to write. If I'm not careful I'm going to be damn sick of this Tourney before too long
    And I assume there's Ash and his buddies? xD or just Mewtwo?

    They need to give all the games female counterparts :p or at least give more personality to the male protagonists, the new one just seems like a psychopath from the trailers which could be interesting.

    You like it? :p
    The first movie? o.o how so?

    It is a harem simulator :p I will stand by th efact the female route is much better, I mean she gets to have social links with all the members of the group she's part of, even the dog, the protagonist only gets to have links with the girls.

    Also, finally gave you a review xD
    Reviewing xD I already caught up

    Ooooh, what's it about anyways :p

    And exactly xD; plus Persona 3 is a really really sad game
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