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  • I'm jjust kidding xD I'll write it up today it's just it's been so long I don't know where to begin.

    What do all those symbols mean again anyways? xD

    Yeah, they make life really hard.
    Possibly. Everyone suggests that, though the treatment always seems to be more UV light - rather like I'm a tortoise - and I'm not convinced that'll really work
    You get no review sir! :p

    No fancy lettering! that just makes it complicated xD

    And well it's just, I really liked the female protagonist of Persona 3 and like actually giving her a character and exploring it was what had me hooked on the idea xD;
    What's this new idea? :O

    I finally finished persona 3 portable! it made me cry ;-; really made me want to write my own version of the story but that would take too long and really it's not worth putting in all that time

    Also I'mr eading your fic right now :p
    Sorry >.>; alerts messed up on me cause they're dicks

    How have you been Systy? :O
    Yeah ... I doubt I'll be writing any more Atlases. There was never that much call for them in the first place and no-one reads blogs now anyway
    It's a good job this sort of stuff is searchable, I never had a head for the kind of maths you need to calculate it

    All this reminds me, I ought to re-write the summary for The Long Walk
    I've kept my phases in line, but that's not so difficult since mine is set in 2012

    Still potential for clusterfuck. An episodic format lets you get away with plot meandering more easily
    I am planning a little further in advance than I need to. I noticed serendipitously that May Day lands right in the middle of the Tourney, so I'm developing what the celebrations should look like.

    So many continuities
    Well, it takes as long as it takes. I am halfway through the last scene, though, so there is some hope

    Not at all, I'm afraid
    I thought the character limit on VMs ha been increased, apparently not. Ugh, it's just a long chapter of what will be a long arc. There's really no room to relax on the pacing here
    You really do like giving gifts.

    I imagine so. Doesn't always help though - I've kind of stalled a bit on the chapter despite the amount of planning. Just writer's block again, it seems. And oh look, more characters to use
    I seem to recall you like giving gifts

    Gotta do that planning, man. I kind of wish I'd planned mine better from the get-go
    Received everything! Thanks! *hugs* I just need Meloetta, but I'll wait on that. You deserve to have a fun Christmas week!
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