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    Rate the video game music above

    9/10. Would need proper scene context to properly judge it though. Certainly good, but not sure how good for a VN. A.D. 2020 NEON NIGHT-RIDERS View: https://youtube.com/watch?v=-rdBqhwr3dA
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    What was the last thing that made you laugh?

    The following tweet:
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    ~Bulbagarden Community Question of the Week~ - How did you spend your holidays?

    My favorite thing about the holiday season? Presently as of 20 minutes ago, memey videos like this one that come from it:
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    Writing a story based around the Pokemon Trading Card Game

    You can just have it be a plain old fun fic about the glory of playing the card game. Or maybe for something more mature and realistic, because thinking of that's all the rage these days, how about the suffering of affording all the cards? Or go completely batshit crazy like I once planned in a...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    So write what you can of the middle. Seriously. There's nothing that says you can't write things out of order. Get it down and in a document. Once you get around to the beginning - writing the middle might even help you get into the groove - change it appropriately depending on how you write there.
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    Creepy Findings in Kid-friendly Games

    Kirby is a cute series on the surface, but that's just on the surface. The final bosses are routinely eldritch abominations. This stuff is like normal for it. Then you have things like So yeah. One thing comes to mind here. Don't have personal experience with this one as I never accessed the...
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    SPOILERS Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    From what I've been seeing and the company's attitude towards criticism, maybe we need to restylize the name of the company to gamE freAk. Leaving aside the infamous cuts themselves, even you completely ignored that, there's so much else that's Bad about it that it feels like it's become about...
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    Rate the Anime Opening above you.

    8/10. Can appreciate the retro. A bit plain, however. Did you know that Stan Lee helped make an anime? As in, THE Stan Lee? Well, now you do! This is also coming to you from Nico, because I couldn't find it on Youtube, but wanted to do it anyway...when he passed away, but still! Better late...
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    Pool - Will you buy any version of Sword and Shield?

    Honestly? What I saw in some of the leaks cemented my decision. Not paying Game Freak for these games. If my wallet is the only way to tell them that doesn't sit right with me, so be it. I hope enough follow suit so they get the message - it was enough for them to address it...and/or datamining...
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    Rate the video game music above

    9/10. Maybe I need context due to not frkn playing it - too much of a backlog. It sounds more like a hunting theme than a final battle theme, at least for the first 55 seconds. Pretty good after. And from one of the things in said backlog that I'm currently playing through, in flashy video demo...
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    China bans liking Team Rocket

    Thought of something like this. To protect the world from Lenin and Marx, To unite all peoples in homes and parks, To denounce the evils of being ruled by the state, To show the world why democracy's great, Jessie! James! Team Rocket, fighting for people's rights, Free Hong Kong now, or prepare...
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    GS SpaceWorld Demo confirmed real in interview with Masuda and Ohmori

    Very neat. Official confirmation, straight from the source. Doesn't get much better than that. Also neat to see the demo and its Pokemon getting a shoutout in the first place, whereas some other designers would just completely totally ignore it. We'll see if this changes anything here though...
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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Well on one hand you're not a very nice cousin. On the other hand you're teaching them the value of trueskill. Nothing wrong with showing no mercy...though if you're still only halfheartedly trying and winning, no sense in feeling bad about bad. I guess? But what I'm ultimately saying is, just...
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    Bulbapedia's most controversial articles and edits

    Mmm, I think if there were going to be legal issues about the thing, they would've gone after TCRF or other places and a long time ago. Worst case, a takedown notice is sent out and it's complied with. Either way, I feel there's little obstacles in the way at this point, and it'd reflect better...
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    Bulbapedia's most controversial articles and edits

    This incident in particular is why I've mostly stopped using the 'pede. That and the atrocious ads and previously, Bulbanews' excessive TCG articles. Like Bulbapedia and that one site (because ofc) are like the only two fansites that refuse to acknowledge its existence. Even Wikipedia itself...