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    The Lightbulb

    The Lightbulb, a short poetic story by Sir$**tpostError for the first of April on the Bulbagarden "Lightbulb" Forums. This fic is rated R for Ridonkulous. Please be warned you may be offended by some of the material if you are a lamp or streetlight. --- The lamp is on. There the lightbulb...
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    Just a reminder to RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

    Just because you cannot handle the truth, that does not make it ANY LESS OF A TRUTH!
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    Rate the Anime Opening above you.

    8/10. Maybe a bit too plain sceneish with the visuals but does have that retro anime feel to it. Beautiful song too. In the spirit of the day, even if it's not the day where you are yet, it is on the forums. So I am posting the opening of perhaps the most famous western anime ever. Full version...
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    Just a reminder to RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

    The first lightbulb concept was introduced before the time of any of those posers, way back in 1802 by one Humphry Davy! In fact, the base concept of heating a wire to produce light goes back even further, to 1761 by Ebenezer Kinnersley. It was not Edison! It was never Edison! He just...
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    Has there been a finer man than Thomas Edison?

    Fine my ass! Respect your elders, the late great Humphry Davy and SIR Joseph Swan!
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    TEEN: The Long Walk

    I said I had started up my engine. Said I was revving it too. Now that I'm up and awake and read it when I was out, here I am! Because of it too now I can go into more detail than usual. Which is way way more because there's a lot of detail! Let's get started. C34 - This argument at the start...
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    TEEN: Evil Within

    - Well! Already I can notice, a rarity! Not capitalizing Pokemon, yet capitalizing their names. I don't dislike it. - Vehemently is a good adjective. - You use "burst" twice when describing the mega evolution process. A little word variety couldn't hurt. - eyes shut as her recovered <- Typo - Do...
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    TEEN: The Journey to Mend Broken Things

    - In the simple town called Lacunosa Town <- towns are towns when they are towns. - Interesting narration style. - Weird world. So like it's forbidden to leave unless you get permission? - just some Roggenrola and Woobats minding their own business <- Inconsistency in whether or not to use an S...
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    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Today in writing, I started on Chapter 8 of one of the two immediate follow-ups to my current fic. I could probably finish it outright tonight if I wanted to, made up a new character for it to help fill some gaps but need to find their beat. Note: I did this despite the current fic not being...
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    POPULAR: Character Development Den (Questions)

    Nori Carino (aged 11): You talking about journeys? Hell the frick no! Why would I ever want to go on one? Sure, you can get into Pokemon all you want and make friends and raise them to be super strong, but what's the point of it all!? You aren't winning at the end! It's just going to be a waste...
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    TEEN: Nori Carino: Training a Demon

    Chapter 2 has a bit in it where it's more clear this isn't necessarily the case and Nori is an exception - also added a tiny part to make it clear why he could've ended up that way. As for Maylene, she's probably just following his influence to an extent, as near the end of C1 alludes to...
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    TEEN: Orre: The Desert.

    C1 - A beating sky of a desert raining down. Uh, sure. - I can tell right away this person sure likes two things: sketching and line breaks - and pack away my sketchbook <- Present tense all of a sudden? Not exactly a grabby opening, but it's a short one that's a prologue in all but name. It's...
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    EVERYONE: Mirror Adventures: A Tragedy of False Smiles [Anime Mirrorverse AU — Chapter Two Posted]

    Preamble because yes going full meta and commenting on even that - Well this is a lengthy preamble bit. Do feel Third: is going to lead to some severe dissonance, though I guess you're pacing it at least so it'll be more like "escalating quickly". - (basically, any character can die at any...
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    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Reminds me I need to get back on my FF challenge runs sometime. Of course I have to *play* to do that too. Edited that last scene of C2 tonight. Pretty extensive edits, adding a new paragraph while assimilating another making it much shorter, and general rewriting a bunch of things. Ready for...
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    Writers: Workshop General Chat Thread

    Don't sweat it. Give in! Go with the flow. If you're totally stuck on something, well, sitting around trying to figure it out is being unproductive. If you're moving onto other scenes in the meantime, you are being productive and can think about it on the side. You'll get it done eventually...