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  • I prefer the french one , I can trade today anytime after 4 pm (US Eastern Time), FC 2637 9348 3145 IGN Julian, I'm adding yours, is it OK?
    Impish would be good, but if you already got a bold one, I'll take it, I want it for breeding purposes not for competition so either nature is fine for me
    its no problem. I was busy for most of February anyway. Yeah he was an extra from my shiny hunts. Enjoy him ^^ Thanks again for karablast! <3
    I had to go at that point sadly. >w< I can be on around 2:30pm today though, and I do think I added you too. if you see poop online you can just connect at anytime. :) I'll be on for like an hour today before I have to go out again.
    I dont mind the wait. :) I was busy till now anyways with one of my con events. Take your time, and are you sure you dont need a pokemon for HA karrablast?
    It's okay. xD
    I'll be around for a few hours. So hopefully I can catch you.
    I can hang around till 7:30 pm pst or so today. I just can't stick around long 'cause I have some 3d modeling to do for class. As for tomorrow my schedule is really flexible tbh.
    I have your Pokemon ready! And since I was late I'll meet you tomorrow after 10am pst or Sunday.
    It's the least I can do! And yea 2pm or so for you is 5pm for me and I'll definitely be home then. :)

    I'm heading off for the night though. But thanks again and good night!
    I can, they're just not on the right parents. xD So I'll breed them for you since you're handing me bred stuff with egg moves as well. So is trading Friday okay with you?
    I can clone the parents, and they're all straight from a friend safari so maybe they'd keep you busier? xD So if I clone the parents I can trade them to you tonight, or I can breed them and we can trade Friday. Whichever is fine with me. :p
    I can do the Quick Ball HA Blitzle, Repeat Ball HA Makuhita, and Luxury Ball HA Spinarak no problem! :)
    Basculin was in a normal Pokeball I think, Blitzle I have both in an Ultra, and Quick Ball.
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