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  • Google insults me. xD

    Let see how about these three?
    Brave Dream Ball HA Aron
    Jolly Dive Ball HA Cranidos
    Adamant Ultra Ball HA Sandile

    I know I have Dream Ball Mienfoo though I need to ask Crow if she has one with the HA or not. The one I have doesn't have the HA. But it looks like you don't have that, is there anything else you need though? xD
    All I know is that with intimidate it can take a hit better, so I'm not that much better off. xD

    That was fast. xD And sure, tho it'll take me awhile to decide again. :p
    Im breeding Qwifish for a pair of friends who need one with the HA. xD I haven't bred anything seriously since the Unova starters were released.
    You avoided them because of the gender differences huh? :b

    Though at the rate you go it really does look like you'll need more things to breed soon. xD
    That was fast. xD RNG hates me today, when I was breeding Vanillite I got 3ivs at most.
    Sorry I wasn't online today, I was quite busy, but I was online for two hours yesterday waiting for you. Will you be available for trading tomorrow?
    Probably won't be able to pick it up today because 6:30 pm in your time is about 2:30 am in mine, but I should be available Friday.
    Hi! How are you?
    I'm doing good by the way.:)

    Heh, it's a pretty fun game in my opinion. Also, sense you joined on there, what's your username thing so I can maybe friend you on there?

    You don't see many down-graded sprites like yours. I've actually seen Gen 1 Yvetal and stuff before though, which is cool.
    Hi! How are you?

    I really like your Generation 2 Shaymin Avatar.:)
    Your Profile Picture is a bit scary though lol
    Thank you so much!! I've been looking for exactly this build of Chespin and in a Luxury ball for ages! Thanks :D!!
    No thanks :D! I think I must have missed you when you were online :( what time shall we try?
    Clones are perfectly fine :D! I can trade those two! Could I get the Luxury ball, Bulletproof chespin please? I believe we still have our FCs registered :p
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