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  • Err, again, sorry. Sparkle Shoppe is a huge factor in my attention right now, but I'll have Oddish done by the 7th. K? Again, terribly sorry.
    Sorry 'bout that. Forgot to find your FC *facepalm*. I'll get you a female real quick. I'll be on for a while, s come on whenever you're ready. :D
    I got the egg moves on the Spinarak. You wanted Oddish as well, correct? I'll get another right away. FC is 0490-6259-3111, in case you missed it. I'll grab yours and trade you when I see you on. Thanks in advance!! :3
    Tiring really, my classes have been driving me up the wall. D:
    How's things treating you?

    Yep! Like for me it'd be @Dolce;
    Oh, don't worry, I'm still interested. I'll get back to you on when the egg moves are done ASAP. They should be done by tomorrow. ;)
    Yeah they are, though I manually close threads myself if the shop owner hadn't been around for awhile and I usually send a notice telling them if they want it reopened to let a GTS mod know since the automatic lockdown isn't a thing in the main forum.
    Ah that link is awesome! Thanks! Looks like I need to get myself a Safari Ball Pinsir then :p
    Oh I had no idea that Gen III stored the Pokeball data (then again, I haven't played pre-Gen V properly in years). I thought that was just a thing in latest generations. Well thanks!
    Hey I was looking through your shop and I noticed you have Safari Ball Pinsir on offer. I was offered one of these the other week and when I looked it up it I couldn't work out how to get one legitimately, as Pinsir in HGSS was only available through the Bug Catching Contest. Is there a way to get a Safari Ball Pinsir legitimately?
    You just need to add me I think, and I'll just get online now after you do? :p

    FC is 4554-1270-5039 btw.
    Yeah soon is fine, I just have a odd sleep schedule so later in the day = you have better chance of seeing me on. xD
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