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  • Ahh, I'm holding off on my Pokedex until I can restart my X with the trainer name "Dolce" just to make things easier in the long run/ I want people to know whatever I breed comes from me.
    That's good, and heck bank was released in Japan and Asian countries again. So I hope it'll come soon to the west, hell makes your wish of apricon ball females easier to fulfill. xD
    If I had known earlier I could have spared a parent, I bred a timid one for myself last week.

    Though there's always the option of starting from scratch! Which we all know is always a fun process. Or did you want it in a Apricon ball?
    I decided to actually try to MM a shiny supersized Pumpkaboo. Anytime I've seriously MM'd I had given up at 300 or less, so I'm trying not to give up.

    I got that 6IV flawless male Tyrunt, then today a 6IV flawless male protean Froakie. All in the course of two days. :')

    Edit: Add a 6IV timid charmander, and magikarp to that as well the RNG gods seem to love me.

    Though really I've noticed 6IV does happen, just with some work and luck. I love this gen and don't want to go back. xD
    Definitely. The RNG gods like to make me work, but lately I've gotten a huge portion of breeding projects done over the weekend so I'm happy. <3

    And I got my 4th flawless Pokemon today!
    I will say it's definitely more straightforward, it just takes a few eggs or a 100 for genderless Pokemon. :p
    Bluh, the starter gender rates are absurd. As is Togepi's, and Eevee's, etc. </3

    It actually took me 3 days to breed a Togepi w/Serene Grace and a 31/x/31/31/31/31 spread. It was painful, so I can imagine your pain.
    Considering shiny values are no longer a thing, I feel you. I tried for a Carbink, but gave up for a while. I plan on a supersized Pumpkaboo when I can! So what are you breeding?
    I agree there! I just got into matching pokeballs with Pokemon, and now I've become fixated with the habit, it's too fun. x)
    Apricon Balls pass on as well?

    But no I don't all I have right now are a bunch of Cherubi. x)
    Hey tabor. :)

    And pretty good, just breeding a lot of Pokemon on my X since I don't do much but attend online classes. Yourself?
    That's understandable, plus I bet Trade is more active I bet? -w-;

    And fine really, only upcoming thing is I'm going to start online classes soon. Woo. Yourself?
    For me I was using Bulba for a year before I made an account there. Besides that though I honestly seem to have the hardest time juggling more than one interest or erm account. xD
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