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  • But... If, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy.
    Hey. I just thought you should know I revived the Gijinka Project. Feel free to use the same characters you had last time.
    Thank you, but I think I'll use different characters this time around, haha.
    It really contrast with your happy attitude :eek: come on draw a happy smile :D like an emote~

    I am glad >.<

    Hey you never told me how the bowling night went :p
    Yay more than what I asked for >:D Thanks Kiley~!
    I really like them! ^^ Are they supernatural creatures or demons? I mean if they are based off something. Also for the wolf I am confused, is that an exosquelton or your base for the body? :eek:
    Make it two and we have a deal >w<

    That makes sense :O Then you should learn to use one! remember they come back And I should check mine :eek: Who knows what secrets may lie xD
    It's something >:D Gimme half my prize!

    Hey things come in time -w- )/ Don't worry too much.

    :O I am surprised ngl! Where's that name from? Some names have weird meanings tho xD Do you like boomerangs?
    Now tell your fav one >:D If it's Miku I win a prize!

    Bowling? o.o Those balls are huge and heavy! Is it your first time?

    Kiley >w< Such a cute name~! Name's Liza tho if you wanna you can call me Crow too xD
    Still o.o changing your username for every obsession :O .. You really are tough! I didn't change since (well once) I joined. I take it you are a Vocaloid fan then?

    Pretty well >w< Wanna watch anime but I am lazy, you Miss RPer? :3
    Ah, just FYI, do anything you like for your arc. Like have Raven's mom (What's her name again? I'm kind of intoxicated, I'm sorry if you told me already.) send demons to attack the club if you want, or blow up half of vegas, or whatever. I actually already planned for if the group wanted to have an adventure under Vegas, so this all works out really well.

    How you doin', bt dubs? I finally fixed my computer. My BFF and I are gonna go out for thai food. Do you like thai? What's your favorite kind of ethnic cuisine? I think thai is mine, or maybe italian.
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