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  • She just drank some though! I think by giving her more tea, she's gonna be on the run for the toilet. :p
    I saw the BH Secret Santa list...What would Mordic like for Christmas that wouldn't end with Damien a dead man and possible an even score? :p
    Noticed you left the comment in your own VM!

    I do swimming and kung fu but I will do kayaking, rockclimbing or yoga soon because of my school sports choice.

    Your in a band? That's so cool! What do you play?

    Also, I've noticed in RP's that your character has either a mysterious book (forgot the name) or is part demon or both. Nothing against it, (I find it great) but how many RP's have you done with that in it?
    My brother lives in Texas XD I've heared it's been pretty cold there lately.
    Hmmm well I guess we could do her meeting someone from her past if you want? I actually plan to introduce more half demons in the next big arc but that's a while away xD

    Good! it's very appreciated.

    oooooh :eek: do you have family there?
    Btw remember to post in BH :p though really is there something you wanna do for your character there? I'm open for ideas.
    Mm, not really. I used to do soccer when I was younger, and I did martial arts a while back. My focus at the moment is band. xD
    Alright then!

    If messing up on Pokemon names was a trend, then I would be a fashionable person! Do you do any sports?
    Oh...I wasn't even close! Why did I have _tailes on my mind? If I was to get my TR character to tell your TR character about her sightings on Silver, would that be alright?
    -sobs- I hate exercise but I still do it! Are you planning on getting Silver to catch a 'mom? I want Hiro to catch a Starmy or a devolved Ninetailes - I forgot what the name is...is that even the name for the final evolution? Coincidence is, that they both need stones to evolve...maybe catch both? Have Loki in love with the ___tailes?
    Damn it! I should have got my guy's pokemon to take it instead of having to take the path all the way to catch up to Silver! On the plus side, he's getting some exercise. Tiring, sweaty, time consuming exercise... what was I saying again??
    Hmm I wonder what I saw then...

    I gotta start watching Tokyo ghoul - it looks really good! I'm not reading the wiki until I've watched the series otherwise I'm going to spoil it for myself. Unless I get scared, of course! Those openings are looong but sounds great!I'm learning Japanese in my class at the moment - I'm going to try hard to concentrate and learn so I can watch animes!
    Hyde has now fused with Metzli's Veil. Now, she can call on him to help her study her tomes.
    Oh! I've heard of it and seen a poster of it when I was in hong Kong - is it a guy who has a alien with an eye as his hand??
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